Free Voudou or Spiritual Services

I get a lot of email from people who want to conduct their own rituals, buy or make their own products or do it all themselves, and then want FREE lessons as to how to invoke the Lwa, or what offerings to leave on which days, or how to properly use a Veve, etc.

Or we receive emails from people who buy other people’s products and because they are never available to answer your question, respond to your email nor have a phone number, they call us to explain how to use them – as if we’d know how to use someone else’s items. We honestly have no idea what they are giving you or how they want you to use the items so you need to contact the place where you bought your items and ask them for assistance.

We only provide instructions, consultations and assistance to clients; a CLIENT being defined as a paying customer. If you want to do it yourself or do it elsewhere – please do – and we wish you the VERY BEST of success, however, please don’t expect our practitioners to provide you instructions, advice, Veves, techniques or anything else related to your own ritual work or explain another companies ritual work. Also, there are many terrific resources on the web and in print, if you are that interested in conducting your own Voudou rituals, please put a little effort into your research.

I also get a lot of questions as to why spiritual services cost money or can they pay after they “see” results. This one surprises me since I haven’t heard of anyone yet workling for FREE in any other industry and I’m sure you don’t either. Please respect everyone’s professional time as we do yours. Also, everyone must pay before any ritual work is performed, otherwise we won’t be able to obtain the tools and offerings needed to begin your ritual. Second, since the concept of “results” is truly left to the Lwa or Spirit and what they deem is necessary or beneficial to you, therefore, we cannot control every aspect they have to maneuver to bring you the desired outcome and in what time frame. Please review the aforementioned sections on Do Voodoo Rituals Work, Guarantees as that question not only won’t be entertained, but we won’t even respond if asked.

We are skilled workers; we have trained, studied, paid our dues, practiced, failed, succeeded, sacrificed, continuously study and learn to serve you better each and every day, therefore, it is WORK, just like any other job. When everyone else starts working for FREE, so will we. Products, time, divination, altar rooms, offerings, consultations to our Godparents – just to name a few of the extensive elements that go into being a practitioner – all cost money; no such thing as FREE oils, herbs, roots, plants, fetishes, dolls, labor, products, offerings, masterful knowledge, gifts for the Lwa and operating expenses.

Few expect a Catholic, Baptist, Jewish Ceremony, Wedding, Baptism, Service, Event, etc. to be free, the same concept and respect applies to all other religions as well.

Also, just because a practitioner charges for their time and you didn’t GET THE EXACT results you thought you should, doesn’t mean they didn’t do their very, very best for you. Every practitioner I know pours 100% of their power, energy, knowledge and effort into your ritual and often won’t even take a case on unless they get an approval from their Lwa to do so; this kind of dedication to both you and their Lwa are invaluable. What little is charged is usually for the offerings, the rituals themselves and the practitioner’s time for the intense amount of planning, knowledge, work and divinations that go into your ritual.

Also, for outstanding detail on every possible question asked about Voodoo or more information on the Voodoo religion, please review our Book Section – you will find terrific resources to research this topic.