Custom Spells Versus Stock Kits

Custom kits are specifically handcrafted for you depending upon the complexity of your situation, usually they are suggested when you are trying to delve into something with multiple layers of issues and usually involving 2 or more parties within a relationship or situation. Please note, One (1) Custom Spell kit cannot cover a love triangle, a career move, banishing several different obstacles and winning a medical malpractice suit at one time – this is not possible with just one kit. The custom kits work on the your specific case within it’s “like” genre. For example, it can deal with the relationship issues, or the legal issues, or the obstacles, but not all three categories crafted and ritualized in just one 9 day kit.

Custom Spell Kits are a product that is created exclusively for you and the subjects you name based upon the details you MUST remit. I may also require some biological samples (hair or handwriting is fine), sent in plastic bags, photographs, physical description, geographical location, full names, DOB’s and any other details on the subjects you can provide along with your WRITTEN details as to what you want accomplished before I handcraft the appropriate elements, ritual items and instructions for you to perform your Custom 9 Day Voodoo Spell Ritual. Again, this is not something I recommend this except in very difficult situations. You may need Stock Ritual kits along with a Custom Ritual as well to bring about all the changes you are seeking.

Custom rituals and custom spells require a spiritual consultation to review the details and complexity of your situation. Please click here to order your spiritual consultation! Custom work has a much higher success rate than basic/stock ritual work, around 85-90% effective, largely due to the practitioners performing additional work on your behalf, and are mainly reserved for very complicated cases, however, you are subject to the Karmic aspects of your life path as well and therefore a successful outcome or obtaining exactly what you think should happen cannot be 100% guaranteed. Please read more about “Guarantees” and the “Do Voodoo Rituals Work” Section for more detail.

Once again, if we haven’t made this clear enough, here is further elaboration on this concept of Guarantees in any spiritual or magical rituals. First, if ANYONE on the web is guaranteeing the results of their ritual work – THEY ARE LYING! No one is GOD and therefore cannot possibly guarantee the outcome of your situation. There are sites that will refund you money if you are not satisfied with your product, and that is entirely different.

We cannot, nor will not, claim your ritual will have a 100% successful outcome as YOU desire; we have no way of knowing how you followed the instructions, if you changed your mind mid-ritual, if you actually attempted to perform your ritual, if what you are requesting is not possible since we really don’t know your Karmic path nor do we know every single influence affecting your particular situation just to name a few of the many reasons.

This truly applies to everyone actually, there isn’t a practitioner alive who knows any of this information the way God does, therefore, after all ritual work is complete, the final outcome is always left up to Spirit and what they deem is the best resolution and outcome is for you.

We DO guarantee we use only the finest, organic ingredients available by the season, the highest grade precious and pure essential oils anywhere, that our products are based upon the best and most authentic Voudou or Spiritual methods possible. We also guarantee that if a product arrives damaged, we will replace that product upon receipt of you returning the damaged product. If something is missing from your product or kit, we will gladly send you that item immediately and free of charge. We guarantee you will always receive caring customer support for anything you may need and a timely response from us 100% of the time.