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Great experience

I had a great reading. The woman that gave me the reading was very pleasant, insightful and right on the button. She gave me a reading, I followed her advice and it helped me the very next day. I will definitely come back to this place next time I am in town.

the shop is very pleasant and inviting. I didn't feel that I was ridiculed while in the shop.

I definitely felt good energy, there.

Although in fun Orleans, please dont respect the craft by going into her shop drunk people! that is disrespectful and rude!

I would highly recommend working with Erzulies!

"I reached out to Erzulies when I was very ill I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and there are many days that my body ache, fever, brain fog, and exhaustion get the better of me. I am now feeling so much better. The brain fog is gone and I have clarity again. The body ache has disappeared, also. I am feeling better every day. I would highly recommend working with Erzulies and turning to spirit when you are having an incredibility difficult time. Their work is very powerful and layer by layer the obstacles and ailments are removed." Jan, Miami, Florida

It really really works!

I have bought Erzulies' products for about two years, and i just want to say, that it really works, i use the prosperity soaps and charms, and at the end of the day what i really prayed to the God's came true! Things are amazing and unfolding right before my eyes, it is truly amazing!

My Favorite

Erzulies is my favorite Voodoo shop in all of the French Quarters. I spent 5 days & 4 nights in New Orleans, and this is the ONLY shop that struck a cord within my core & spirit to want to get a reading, purchase items and to get a reading.

Love my Simbi soap!!!

Diana Kang

My Favorite

Erzulies is my favorite Voodoo shop in all of the French Quarters. I spent 5 days & 4 nights in New Orleans, and this is the ONLY shop that struck a cord within my core & spirit to want to get a reading, purchase items and to get a reading.

Love my Simbi soap!!!

Diana Kang

Wonderful Experience

We had such a wonderful experience in your shop in New Orleans! You were so patient with our questions and helped us pick out just the right things. Awesome!

Kelly Calton

Wow!! 09/23/13

All I have to say is, Thank You! I can't believe it worked out for me. It's priceless.. I'm coming back!

Wanita E.

Like You Wouldn't Believe! 08/09/13

Anna! I just wanted to send you an update that the work is seriously paying off. Not only have you been spot-on about practically everything (from struggles to eventually working my backside off), but I have become ultra-intuitive and focused. I can literally sense when some "energy" is off.. I feel so open to the universe. I finally re-connected with God and I've also been exploring other pathways to faith. The Lwa have really inspired me in a multitude of ways, and here's how:

-For one thing, I totally take your word for it when it comes to cleansing the self physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But what about house ...err... fully? I realized during one of my spiritual text readings that I have been keeping "stagnant" energies by entertaining harmful relationships, negative self-esteem, and being a little piggy. Okay, a LOT piggy. It's time to let this stuff go and let the demons take the subway.

-Two. I constantly compare myself to other people and then make myself feel bad that I haven't done this or that. Why did I do this to myself? It's so important to accept yourself for who you are no matter what. I am so proud of going through all that muck. I feel so strong and determined to make things right for myself and others. I'm a rebel.

-Three... I am such a pack rat. I can't believe how much clutter I have. Ugh. I am so ashamed! I use your floor washes, some sage, your salts, and your sprays, even drops of the appropriate ritual oils. Whatever feels right to me. I cannot tell you how much of a difference "space clearing" makes. Although I haven't been able to make a proper altar, I know I'm making a better place to honor the Lwa so that they don't feel uncomfortable and I'm not as distracted. Clearing out all the old stuff is soooooo therapeutic.

I was so stuck and now all the bad junk is slowly going away. Sometimes you do need to go through the most horrible experiences of your life to learn from them and move forward. I am beginning to discover my true path and it's really brightening up the place. Remember when I said I'm an old man? (Don't worry guys, Anna remembers EVERYTHING lol) I'm definitely starting to feel a lot younger again. And that venture I told you about? I built it from the ground up, even though there were so many roadblocks. I was even told I needed "professionals" and I didn't know what I was doing. Yeah right, those dweebs. I thumb my nose at them! You can do anything you set your mind to-- all those mommas and papas were right after all. Except they still lied about spinach. Have faith and practice it 🙂

... Wait a second now. You didn't think I was going to leave here without actually saying THANK YOU, right? I love you guys! It has been such a blessing for all the patience, dedication, and faith you have put into my work, myself, and everyone here! I pray that God looks over you and your staff, and that you all are safe, prosperous, healthy, and happy! Blessings to everyone!

J. Lazarus

Spells cast for me 03/30/13

Last year I had a relationship that I couldn't let go, but we were facing such tremendous odds I never thought I'd hear from this person again. I ordered several spells to be cast for me by Erzulie's, I also performed my own spell work with the lover return and obstacle removing spell kits from Erzulies. Before she was done performing the spell work, my lover started contacting me again, and that was amazing since it had been months since we had contacted each other. Over time we have healed much of our old wounds, and we now have a much more stable relationship than I ever pictured possible a year ago. The spells were effective. The blessings that have unfolded are far beyond what money can buy.  Thank you so much for working on my behalf. It brings peace to my heart knowing that I have your services available to me.


Thank You 02/06/13

I am speachless for the help I had from You ...Everything has changed for good....no... for Great...I would never realise that I got back my Best Friend back after all the bad things I did and said...
Talk soon...


Mags , IE

Wealth Spells 02/05/13

I have been working with Anna for a couple of years now and had my doubts at the beginning but thought I would try then judge and WOW this works!A couple of years down the line I have had some great life changing experiences from the rituals. My favourites are the Wealth rituals, spirits work so fast and get results.
Thanks Anna and team, i hope to come over to USA to meet you and see your lovely shop!


Danielle C., Chicago 11/10/12

Over Thanksgiving week, I made my first visit to New Orleans and found my way to Erzulie's. Without any expectations, I entered the shop after visits to several hokey voodoo tourist shops. And what a difference! From the moment I entered the shop, I felt at ease. Nicole was so helpful in explaining what different items were for and how I might make use of them for my specific situation. She was so insightful and caring that I decided to do a reading with her. During the session, she was attentive and gave me guidance that I've already put into practice here at home! I couldn't be more pleased that I found my way to Erzulie's and I will be making my way there first thing when I return to town in January!

NOTE FROM ANNA: We would love to see you again so hurry back! Blessings!

LJW, San Antonio, Tx, 08/12

I am going to be honest and hopefully not sound so mushy when I say that I am truly grateful for all the time you and your staff have taken to get me to where I am spiritually/emotionally and physically. I am totally new at this, but I wanted to share with you that I most definitely believe in this religion now. At first I was very skeptical with the whole thing and though I read but did not understand in the beginning how things worked, I now believe this is real.
I ordered the rituals to do myself. I ordered the banish all, bring my lover back to me, lots of different soaps, oils and 1 bath all in hopes of bringing my love back to me. I did exactly as you instructed and did not have any contact with him for over a month and out of the blue he text me with something silly....nothing to do with us of course but it was a text. I still have faith and I am still performing my rituals, however after I finished both the banish and return my lover to me, not even a week later, he text me. Today I spoke to him though not much came out of it, but again I still have faith.
The best part of this journey which I think is the most important is that your directions not to communicate as much or be obsessed worked in helping to heal me inside/out. It kept me SEMI CALM/sane and helped me to see a lot of things differently.
Anna, I thank you for coming into my life and blessing me during this trying time in my life. I'm in my 40's and I know that I can find love again even though I strongly desire to have my lover back, but if it doesn't happen, I still have you in my life. I don't know how I found your website, (well I think our heavenly father did it) I am sticking with you for the rest of my life.

BLESS YOU MY FRIEND and I look forward to meeting you and your beautiful staff soon.


NOTE FROM ANNA: I am so honored you took the time to write this for our other clients and so thrilled you are experiencing a deep connection to spirit and things are aligning for you on so many levels! Many blessings to you!

Traum1, USA, 06/12

I've only been working with Anna and Erzulie's for a short time (less than six weeks) and have a lot to learn about Voodoo and its powers. So far, I've gotten consultations, ordered rituals, and purchased several products. What I do know quite a bit about, though, is professionalism, running a business, and providing high quality products and customer service, and it seems Anna has mastered these areas.

I run a small business working in the healing profession, working with clients who are in the midst of personal crises and pain. Sometimes, these people have no one else to turn to for listening, to offer hope, support, to share their fears and doubts. It can be draining on the one who is offering help, and sometimes people hurt so much that they lose focus of boundaries with respect to your time and resources. So when I look at how responsive, patient, and sincerely caring Anna has been with me, and realize that she gives the same amount of energy and personal attention to each and every client of Erzulie's, I become overwhelmed.

Anna is particularly gifted in that she offers me a vision of hope when I simply cannot see beyond the moment sometimes, so I know she does this for all her clients. But what makes that vision enduring is that she grounds her hopefulness in practicality and realism. You'll get no "pie in the sky" promises from her, only a straight-talking interpretation of the magic and spiritual nature of this religion called Voodoo. I find her manner so reassuring.

I've ordered several products from the store: dolls, soaps, oils and bath kits. I have been consistently pleased with the high quality of everything I've received. After using the soaps for weeks now, I'm lamenting the fact that I've spent decades purchasing those mass-produced, commercial soaps which have no intrinsic value beyond that which the advertisements tell you to imagine they have.

I am reminded every day now, when using the spirit-infused soaps and other products that I've purchased from Erzulie's, that everything has energy, everything has a spirit and is created with an intention. It's a blessing to have items available that are undoubtedly created with the intention of offering love, healing and spiritual advancement.

During those times when fear and doubt creep in as I wait for the manifestation of my rituals, I have only to reflect on the powerful healing I've experienced when using Erzulie's products, because the products and services are from the same loving source.

I'm looking forward to providing an update on the manifestation of my rituals. Until then, I'm convinced that Spirit is real, and so is Anna.



NOTE FROM ANNA: I am so very, very touched by your lovely and thoughtful words. You are a pleasure to work with and serve and thrilled things are aligning for you. Many blessings to you and yours! Anna

H.B., N.Y., 06/12

I just had a couple of updates since our reading and my purchases. I have ordered several soaps to date and have shared pieces with one friend who was about to be in a homeless shelter. I live in a studio with pets, so she and three kids moving in with me would have been awkward. In any case, I gave her some Elegua and Money soap, and she was given a temporary housing placement which is more suitable.

I personally was offered a job at a Catholic school that I am contemplating. Their system is different, so I ponder whether the change would be for the better. I do know I am sick of the public and charter schools, so maybe it was Legba who blew me in a different direction, job wise. I will update you on the Love Bath and Bring My Lover Back kits when results show, but I just wanted to update you in the meantime. Thanks!

J. Lazarus, , 05/12


First of all, my family has somehow morphed from pesky, rabid, fat racoons into sweet little chipmunks with cute puffy cheeks that I could just cuddle. I don't know how the Lwas did it, and I certainly don't know how this affects my karma in the long run but... heh? *scratches head* I am absolutely befuddled and amazed. The toxicity is slowly winding down like you won't believe. I thought I had to put my unmentionables in a handkerchief on a broomstick end and fly my way out of here... but nope, things are a lot calmer. And good God the Hindu Obstacle Removing Kit is yummmm. I find myself "borrowing" my mother's perfume oil... I have to buy another!

Now I sincerely hope that Papa Legba and the others aren't angry with me. I've read somewhere that he can be a little cantankerous and/or a trickster with lazy ones like myself, (some of my things have magically disappeared and reappeared! No Papa Legbaaa!!!) but I adore each and everyone one of the Lwas. I often apologize profusely for not doing my spell work right away, I've been soooo busy. However, I always thank them (sometimes ad nauseum)for everything they've done. I think I even slipped and told them that I loved them, ha ha. I hug my dolls too... how strange! They are so beautifully handcrafted, it's so inspiring to me and my crafts! Since I am now becoming a small business owner, I appreciate every item even more. It's truly hard work and a lot of spilled DNA samples to get things done.

Again, your staff has been so generous and I can feel the love and dedication you all put into every item at Erzulie's. Ms. Anna, you should be so proud of yourself! Kudos to you! I am a loyal customer for life.

P.S. My boyfriend LOVED the Cosmic Cleanse soap. He said it's a "man soap" with "scrubby stuff". Don't worry, that's a fuzzy caveman speak for "awesome". I can't wait to help him out as well. He deserves it, he's such a great guy.

NOTE FROM ANNA: Wow! What a great post - and so entertaining too! Thank you for sharing your lovely, clever and inspiring words with us! xoxoxox

Traum1, USA, 05/12

I had been scammed by so-called psychics after the break-up of my marriage ten years ago, and had decided there were no real ones out there. I swore to myself to never engage in that useless activity again.

Two weeks ago, I was faced with another relationship crisis. This one affected me stronger than the one years earlier that had led me on a search for answers. This time, though, as traumatized as I was, I did my research, and found Erzulie's. During my research, I did a Google search for each tarot reader website. Erzulie's was one of them that had no trace of being a sham.

I reviewed their products and information for hours, and found some that I believed applied to my situation -- a sudden break-up due to energetic interference in my previously-blissful relationship. I ordered three items -- the healing and protection spell kit, the banishing spell kit, and after some contemplation, I later ordered the lover return spell kit. The prices were reasonable, and I knew the testimonials were authentic, since I had already not found otherwise on the web.

After a couple of days, I got the courage to request a reading. That was a day ago. Anna wrote me back immediately and said she had an opening right away. It was the first online reading I had done, and was a little awkward for me. The good thing about it, though, was that I could save the chat session for later review, which was what I did. Anna's energy was calming, but she didn't make outrageous claims about what spirits could do. She educated me about how Voodoo works, and referred me to resources on the Erzulie's site. I felt reassured.

Fast-forward 36 hours, and a friend reported to me what is currently going on with my ex-boyfriend and another woman. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING Anna told me in the reading turned out to be accurate! The interesting thing is, even though my friend gave me some potentially devastating news, I was able to keep relatively calm, because I kept reflecting back on what Anna had told me about the situation, and the likely outcome of the ritual work.

I feel the energies already moving in the direction of healing, restoration and peace for me, even though I haven't yet received my shipment. I'm anxious to get it, because I feel, without a doubt, that products will deliver the intended results, and I really want to feel better.

Since my reading, I've written Anna quite a few times over the past 36 hours. She's always responded immediately, and thoroughly. She tells me what to expect, she cautions me, and continues to educate me about this process.

I'm excited to write more after my rituals have been completed. For now, just know that Anna "The Root Queen" and Erzulie's are definitely the real thing. I've done the research, experienced it for myself, and can confidently highly recommend them!


NOTE FROM ANNA: I am honored you took your time to share your thoughts with all of us and wish you all the blessings of the Lwa during this transition too! I am praying everything realigns beautifully for you too!

J. Lazarus, , 05/12

It's only been a couple of days but I already feel the effects of the work. There is so much negative energy stirring up in my home... it is crushing. I've gone from crying hysterically to feeling ill because of my family. I feel that the Lwas are making me see them for what they are... selfish, ungrateful, juvenile brats. I know I've done my share of wrongdoing, but on the contrary, I am the primary caregiver. I put my heart and soul into this house but I feel bitter and betrayed because no one ever stands up for me. I have nowhere else to go... the only person who cares whether I live or die is a thousand miles from here.

But still I am grateful for the Lwas because now I will have the strength to leave this place and survive on my own. Maybe there is a place for me in this world where I can strive and be at peace because I do see the true colors of the people around me. This was the final straw that broke the camel's back, they finally did it. I apologize for the dour update, I know there are good things to come. However, I can see the messages the Lwas are sending. I wasted all my time helping others WHEN I SHOULD HAVE HELPED MYSELF. I will never be enough in this house, and I just needed someone or something to make me see that I need to leave. It's just not safe here. I'm only hurting myself if I don't do something about it. Thank you for working on my behalf, as always, I know there will be good things coming soon. I will update you as soon as I can.

NOTE FROM ANNA: Sooooo thrilled to read this and wishing you all the blessings in the world!

Roslynn, San Diego, 04/12

I recently visited New Orleans and stopped into the store. I came back the next day for a psychic reading which really helped me to focus on what I want to do career-wise. When it comes to those things I have a hard time making up my mind and the reading gave me reassurance on what I thought was best for me (without me even saying what I was planning on doing for a career!). I mentioned that I was very frequently sick, and was shown the La Siren products. I bought the soap and the perfume oil. I used the soap daily for a while and now use it every few days and when I feel like a pick-me-up.

I wear the perfume oil everyday. I haven't been sick in almost two months and have beaten two illnesses I felt coming on when people close to me were sick. This may not sound like much, but my immune system is pretty weak and I have never in my life felt the start of a cold or flu and not gotten incredibly sick. In the past two months I felt like I was about to get sick twice, used my wonderful smelling soap, and got over it without getting sick! When my supply runs out I will be ordering more!

NOTE FROM ANNA: So happy to read this and hope you get to visit us again too! Blessings!

Charmed, , 04/12

I had the most incredible reading with Anna, this past Thursday. When someone can read you this precisely, and know things about you that only you know...its just amazing. Anna has given me the best advice. Sometimes, we know what our issues are but dont have the tools to fix them, even though we desperately want to. I lost the love of my life because of some mistakes that i have made. I know that i am in good hands with Anna...she has helped me so much in the past, i know she will align things for me this time around also. I cannot tell you all how happy i am to have found Anna and Erzulies. Blessings and lots of love.

NOTE FROM ANNA: So thrilled to read this and many blessings to you too!

Anonymous, Kansas City, MO, 03/12

Anna sees things, she's always honest about what she sees and what she cannot promise. Using the guidance of the lwa, she gently told me that if changed paths in two major ways, I might find what I'm looking for--which led me to the arms of my soulmate. (I had never met him before, and didn't know he existed until I took this massive leap). And now we're about to get married in a few months! It's been an exciting journey with Anna, and I really hope to meet her in person someday. Thank you again, Anna.

NOTE FROM ANNA: I am so happy for you; such wonderful news and couldn't have happened to a more deserving person! Many blessings to you and your new love!

G.J., Dallas, Texas, 03/12

So, I would like to give a testimonial of the tarot reading I had. Right from the get-go, she asked if there was another woman in the relationship I was inquiring about. I said no, because I was certain there wasn't. It came up once more during my reading. I blew it off but not even a week later, I found out from him that there IS another woman. I wasn't surprised! I was actually relieved because I knew how to deal with it...so I ordered a "remove this obstacle" spell kit.
I know this will work because the first spell kit I used, "bring my lover back", worked like a charm. But you were right, it brought him back but didn't change him!

My favorite thing about the spell kits is that it takes so much of the pain away. It puts me in the drivers seat to an extent, I feel like I have the power to change my destiny.

And more than once, I have begun working with your products to later realize that I want something different than I thought. Not with this guy, though, at least not yet.

NOTE FROM ANNA: I am always amazed at how ritual reveals the truth of all situations! Blessings!

G.J. & Steve, Dallas, Texas, 03/12

Hi Erzulie's! Did Steve tell you what happened with his secretary? As you may remember, her husband suffered a crippling back injury and was not expected to walk again or ever fully recover( from what I understood). He was more or less immobile for a few months, couldn't bathe or take care of himself. Very sad.

Last Halloween we visited your store, and Steve bought his secretary a "peace and healing" ouanga, and "peace and healing" soap and gave it to her. Amazingly, when I talked to Steve a week ago he reported that his secretaries husband is now WALKING again. I don't know if he told you this, but I knew you should know!

NOTE FROM ANNA: I am so thrilled to hear that...makes my entire day! I am so happy for them! Blessings!

Lori B., Chattanooga, TN, 03/12

Hello:) Thank you for all your help with my last order It is working well 😉 I love your work, can tell much love and power has been put into each peace. I truly love the honesty and forthrightness of your readings and how right on they always are. I've never been dissatisfied with Erzulies at all, and am hoping that I can soon one day come back to the Crescent City for another visit and meet you all in the store.

NOTE FROM ANNA: We are so honored and grateful for your thoughts about Erzulie's! Blessings!

Anonymous, Texas, 03/12

I have tried many products from Erzulies, including the rituals performed for me. After a recent break up, I decided to try to work things out with my ex. Through a very accurate reading with Anna, I found out that there was another woman in the picture. He confirmed this to me a week after the reading. I still wanted to make things work, so I had the "No other but me", "Remove this obstacle" and "Lover return" performed over the course of two months. Let me say that I saw immediate results! My ex and I started communicating daily through email and phone calls although the other lady had not yet left the picture. Then, I got some even worse news about something that happened months before that he hadn't mentioned, and immediately decided that I no longer wanted to work things out with this man.


To say that I was heartbroken would be an understatement. I did not think I could face another day with the pain that I was feeling! I consulted Anna again and was given options. I decided to have the uncrossing ritual and the healing and cleansing rituals performed for me to cut my ties to this man. I no longer wanted the other ritual work to manifest! Well, the first week that all this happened, the ritual was also started for uncrossing and the second week for cleansing. I literally did not eat and could not sleep! Anna told me I must eat and sleep! The second week I stopped crying everyday, and would only cry every other day. I still felt so much pain!


But by week three, something happened! My spirit was lifted! I began eating more consistently and sleeping through the night. I even stopped crying! I NEVER thought that I could come back from the pain I was feeling in less than three weeks. I no longer think about him every minute, or what he did to me. I am so happy and free! I know that the uncrossing and the healing rituals helped me tremendously to have such a quick recovery from the biggest heartbreak of my life. Thanks to Anna for caring about me as a customer, and and a person. Please believe that this stuff works!


NOTE FROM ANNA: Spirit has a way of revealing the TRUTH early on so you can see the entire picture and decide if it is something you are willing to contend with...I am so thrilled for you that all rituals brought what you were seeking in terms of trying to work it out, immediate contact and working it through after so long without ritual work, and discovering that his choices were not yours to contend with; and how strong and empowered you are so soon after making a very difficult decision...you are an amazing person and deserve only the very best too and that you shall have with someone more able to give their best! Blessings!

E in Texas, DFW Texas, 01/12

I have too many details to write here, all I will say is THIS STUFF WORKS!!!!!!!!!!

Anna is amazing and so good at what she does, and so are the family of individuals who work at Erzulies. I am a customer for life.

Hyacinth, Cocoa, FL, 11/11

Thank you for your help Saturday Anna....you really gave me some hope!! After thinking for a couple days I am excited to get to work! You said and I believe I have a long road ahead of me after 20 years of damage it will take some work to get us back together. We have a family, house and 20 years to fight for...there is a strong bond! There also is a history of damage & pain that needs to be cleared first... After you explained it made so much sense! I have ordered the Remove the Obstacles kit...and then am ready to order the Cleaning and Healing Rituals performed! of course lots more but there is a LIGHT!! I have the faith and believe I can do this working with you!! Thank you for your help!!

Jenny, , 10/11

I just wanted to say thank you once again Anna. I just ordered a few more items that I will need to help with my situation. The Lwas have been good to me, and have given me hope to solve my problems. Everything is turning for the worst to be honest, and I just had to make a quick purchase. Like you said, my situation is like an onion. There are layers and layers of this problem and it's hit like a mushroom cloud of toxicity in my life. It's true, it is going to take a couple of years to undo this damage.

It's been really difficult, and I honestly feel like giving up. I feel so helpless and small. I can't stand watching the people I love suffer endlessly. It's heartbreaking. I'm still trying, I've been trying to save my family and my boyfriend's life... I know I can't save the world but I would gladly sacrifice my life for them. So right now I'm at least sacrificing what little I have to focus my energy to meditate with the Lwas. This isn't a disclaimer about ritual work, it's been a giant step for me in the right direction. I know for sure that Papa Legba and the others will show me the way. My ritual work has affected my dreams and they have been showing me positive outcomes but I still have to get there first.

As for those who are skeptical about negative energy, curses, and other issues... well from my experience it is very real. In my culture, there is something called the "evil eye" and I do feel that there is some relevance to this. My mother is a victim of jealousy and rage, and the rest of my family has endured various forms of mental and physical damage as well. We have tried everything. As of now I've been seeking second, third, and forth opinions on every doctor we could find to help improve my mother's condition. When I worked with Ogoun, I actually found an answer to my health problems by him connecting me to an excellent doctor.

So again, thank you for being amazing people who genuinely understand and care. I also want to mention that coming from a very tight budget (still paying tuition and medical bills) I was able to find alternative ideas on this site such as the dolls, gris-gris bags, and soaps. I can't wait to use them and continue to affect positive changes in my life.

NOTE FROM ANNA: Thank you for sharing your heartfelt words and experience with the rest of us; I am so happy for the progress you are seeing and know much more is to come...blessings!

Mark, Web Customer, USA

Dear Anna!

I just wanted to thank you for your products, I love the soaps I ordered and the smell of them - it helped me out a lot and that's something I really appreciate. I don`t know how to thank you for everything and your people there at Erzulie's, they are so nice and helpful.......i just can`t say thank you enough for you and your people...I just wanted to tell you!!!


Sonya, Store/Web Customer, TX, 10/05

Dear Anna--

We were in New Orleans in June of this year and visited your lovely shop during one of Stephanie's tours. Let me just begin by saying how nice and you were and how much I learned from you that evening. I never thought I would use the words voudou and beautiful in the same sentence, as I had a preconceived idea if the religion. But after speaking with you, that is exactly what I now think of it, a very beautiful religion. Let me just also add how nice is it to know that you and your shop are ok after the tragic storm that hit.


Anyway, now for my writing to you. I was having some hard times in some areas in my life and remembered everything that you had said about voudou. Feeling that I had nothing to lose (literally) I took a chance and ordered the Papa Legba bracelet and the abundance spray. Aside from the bracelet being completely beautiful and the spray smelling so great, I have had a great change in luck. The day I received it in the mail, I was going on a job interview. I thought what the heck and wore the bracelet and put on the spray. Not only did I get a great job with potenital to grow in the company, I am receiving a fantastic salary. Then I went to my part time job and told them about the other job and received a raise there as well. I never had any intentions on becoming rich with the abundance spray but was tires of living paycheck to paycheck. The raises will, needless to say, help as I am a single mother of two boys. Saying thank you does not seem to be enough. I am very grateful to meeting you and your wonderful products. I assure you that I will be a returning customer and look forward to stopping in your shop that next time I go to New Orleans. I also want to say thanks for the sample.


Thanks so much!!



Ms. Day, Store/Web Customer, NY, 10/05

Hey Anna!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my custom perfume!!!!!!! I tried it on and layed down and experienced all of the different delicious scents until it settled into the perfect scent for my body. It is EXACTLY what I wanted. I feel like I am floating! 🙂 I can't wait for the response from others here in NY and after I make my transition back to LA, and that was sooooooo generous of you to include another bottle! AND the eye creme AND the soap, OH MY GOSH! You really shouldn't have, but I LOVE it. I am forever greatful and will be ordering more things soon!

Lots of love and blessings!

O. Day

Barbara W., Web/Store Customer, Colorado, 10/05

Dear Anna,

Thank you so much for my order and for the thoughtful and generous gifts. I feel so blessed by these wonderful fragrances. They keep me company somehow. Thank you again.
Take good care down there in LA.

And best wishes to Erzulies!


Michele, Store/Web Customer, USA, 10/05

Dear Anna, I'd like to thank you for the free gifts you've sent with my order, I really appreciate it.
Also your products are really wonderful. Keep up the good work!


Dawn S., Store/Web Customer, St. Louis, MO, 10/05


Raye called me right after the reading with Priestess Kalila SMith and she is on cloud nine!
Again I say thank you I knew she needed this.

Love from St. Louis,

Raye, Store/Web Customer, Baltimore, MD, 10/05

Hi Anna,

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed my reading with Kalila.
She's great! The reading really helped me out, I felt so much better afterwards. Please let Kalila know - I think she is fabulous!


Dawn S., Store/Web Customer, St. Louis, MO, 10/05


Kalila was right on the money. I wanted to say thank you to you both.
She gave me a lot to think about and help me realize I on the right path.
It has helped me greatly and I'm more relaxed.

I appreciated all the effort and care you put into everything you sell at Ezulies.
Its nice to know no matter what you purchase it will be of top quality.

Have a great weekend,
Dawn S.

Johanna, Web Customer, NY, 10/05

Dear Anna!

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful incense my friends love the products. I have them each one some soap. they absolutly loved it. thank you sooo much.




Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues,

I had to post a few of the thousands of emails we received from our clients all over the world, sending us love, prayers, thoughts, extremely generous offers of assistance, blessings and support to continue Erzulie's during this unfathomable disaster. I cannot express how deeply appreciative I am to have received all of your emails (some of which brought me to tears they were so moving) of encouragement to move forward and continue in the spirit of which Erzulie’s was founded upon.

From the bottom of my heart, the Lwa and staff, we take a bow to each and every one of you – as I have always said, YOU are the magic behind Erzulie’s and it is our privilege and honor to continue serving you and your spiritual needs.

With deep gratitude and many blessings to you all,



Hi Anna:

Thank you so much - I look forward to receiving the item. The Elegba Heads that you sell are really beautiful. I have never seen Ellegua Heads like those before -
with different colors and designs - they are so cool looking. Regarding Hurricane Rita - I truly wish you all the best during this difficult time. You & your loved ones and your friends and your staff and all of their loved ones and their friends are all in my prayers.

Thanks again for such wonderful service. Erzulie's, Inc. truly cares about their customers.


FROM Melissa

Hi Anna,

My best friend Lisa and I had the pleasure of meeting you last September when we visited New Orleans (we were part of Stephanie's Haunted History Voodoo Tour group). You were very gracious and spoke with us for a considerable amount of time after everyone else had left. The overwhelming sense of peace, comfort and serenity that we experienced while in your store was one that we have yet to experience anywhere else. Needless to say you made a lasting impression on the both of us -- enough so that we were quite worried about you and Erzrulie's after Katrina hit. We were very relieved to receive your newsletter today and are happy that everyone is okay.

We are confident that New Orleans is going to come out of this stronger than ever and are in the middle of planning another trip to New Orleans for October of next year. Needless to say we will definitely stop in for a visit. 🙂

Hope to hear from you soon!


FROM Joanne, Scotland

Was in New Orleans and benifited from your kindness and advice just wanted to tell you that the people of Scotland send your their energy to help you get through this awful time. Hope you and your family are doing OK.


FROM Linda & Chris

We wish you and the entire city safety, love & hope. We will be thinking of you and the best outcome through this devastating storm. We love you & your beautiful city.

Linda & Chris

FROM George, NYC

Dear Anna, I am so glad to see you are up and running after this horrible disaster. I wanted you to know that you are my favorite store in the French Quarter and we are all praying for your speedy recovery - no one does it like Erzulies!!!!! Love, George

FROM Maureen & Steve

We have been to your store many times on trips to New Orleans and really love it. We are concerned for you and your staff at this time and our good thoughts are with you. We hope you are all well and safe.

Maureen and Steve

FROM Cynthia

Dear Folks and Friends at Erzulie's,

I just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers as you go through this trial of Hurricane Katrina. I'm certain that you're in the thoughts and prayers of many throughout the world. I hope and pray that everyone is safe and well and whole...... Beyond that, I hope that the magic that is in the store of Erzulie's is not lost in the wind and the rain......

Blessings, love, and light to all of you........................


FROM Carolyn, NJ


Just a line to say that I hope you, your friends, and family, as well as your store are alright. The news of that terrible hurricane hitting your state made me think of you right away. I truly hope everything is okay there.

Carolyn, NJ

FROM Kristena, TX

I loved your shop when I was in New Orleans a few months ago. I have been thinking of you and hope you will weather the storm and flooding. I am so sorry you are all going through this disaster. Let me know if I may do anything to help you once you are able to restore some order in your life. If there are any local charities doing good work in the weeks and months to come, I would appreciate knowing about them so I may send a contribution.
Take care of yourself and know that I and others are sending healing thoughts in your direction.

FROM Judy, Fla

I hope that your shop survives and I wish you all the strength necessary to rebuild. I visited your wonderful city last year and have ordered your products several times since.

Thank you, they are indeed wonderful.

Best Wishes,


FROM Karen, GA

Hi there:

I am worried about you guys. I hope you are all ok. Please let me know that you are alright. I have only been to your store 2 times but you all were so nice and accommodating.

I live in Atlanta and you did a Tarot reading for me a few years ago. I still think about you guys and how great you are. Please take care and let me know if you and your families are doing ok.



FROM Shyla, Chicago, IL

Anna and company,

Just wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers right now during this trying time in the wake of Katrina. I have been worried about your beautiful store and your well being. I even did a voodoo ritual to Madame Marie herself, begging her to spare the city who still loves her so. Please know that we are thinking of you! I don't know when, or if, you will even get this e-mail....but I hope you are all ok.

Chicago, IL



I sincerely hope as you read this that you are okay - and that your friends and family are safe. My name is Lisa - I visited your shop back in February (total tourist) - I was the one that visited with the tour director and came back to speak with you - I hope you remember me - I'm sure you don't, that's okay - too.....

Anyway - I'm watching the news as to the hurricane in New Orleans - and I just thought I would drop a quick line to let you know that you are in my thoughts - and that I truly hope that everyone is safe and that my 'prayers' are not only with you but the entire city as well.....

Much love and positive energy being sent your way...



Dear Anna.I do not know when or if you will get this,I just want you to know all my prayers and rituals are for you and everyboby else down there.Lots of help from this area is headed down there.If there is any thing at all I can do to help just let me know,I'll do anything I can. Blessings Bob

FROM Deborah W.

Dearest Anna

Tonight as I sit here in front of my computer with my altar across the room from me, I think about the day we met, we were the couple from Oklahoma back in late July...we were having a great visit when this strange guy came about incense...needless to say, my sweetest lady, I truly enjoyed our talk that day. We just hope that you and any loved ones with you in my favorite city are safe and dry. I pray to the Goddess and God that you remain safe and that our precious city will someday be restored....please contact us if there is any need that we may help with...your shop, your hospitality and your wonderful energy is now a part of my memory and my heart...take care


Deborah Wright

FROM Rhonda & Mark, NV


Don’t know if you’ll get this or when with all the chaos there. We are Mark and Rhonda running a Candomble House in Reno, NV who visited with you last April. We know many people in and around that area and are praying for all in safety. Words fall far short of expressing the devastating feelings and concerns. Special prayers do go to all the deities to care for the safety of all their children and surviving the storm waters, physical and emotional. Axe. Love, Rhonda and Mark

Rhonda and Mark

FROM Sheryl

after i read the news the first thing that popped into my mind wad erzulies..
i hope everyone there is okay and u guys are able to recieve this mail..

i pray everything is gona be alright..

FROM Debbie, MA

Hello Anna my dear friend, I am glad to read on your website that you are doing ok and that your staff is ok. I am so very sorry to hear about all the people that are suffering in New Orleans and surrounding areas and states due to hurricane Katrina. My heart goes out to them. I will pray for all of you Anna,

Your friend in Massachusetts,


FROM Winona & Dale

I know that this might seem strange, a customer from months ago sending an email to you. My husband and I were in your store in January. We came down to get married and spent a week in New Orleans. We met so many nice people in the shops on Dumaine (and in the city), you being one of them. We live in the DC area and find that many people are either rude or not so friendly. It always makes me happy to meet people that are nice to strangers. Thank you for that. We hope that this email finds you and those you care about safe.

Winona and Dale


Dearest Anna,

I was encouraged by your note on the web page that you and most of the staff of Erzulie's are OK after the devestation from hurricane Katrina. My hope is that by now you have heard from everyone and all are safe. I was in New Orleans last October and fell totally in love with the city and all of you at Erzulie's. I have my alters set up now thanks to your help that I received when I visited your store and from your web site. I wear one of my sacred perfumes from you every day.

I just wanted to know that you, your staff, and all the people of New Orleans are in my prayers to Papa Legba, Ogoun, and ManMan Brigette.

Be Safe. Jane

FROM Glenn, Netherlands

Dear Anna,
I am a customer of yours from the Netherlands, and I read the papers and saw on the news how terrible the situation is in New Orleans. I send you this email because I am worried! I hope you guys are doing allright, I pray for you all that you are allright. The hurricane was enormous.

God bless you,


FROM Felicita, Canada

My dear beautiful Princess Anna (how sweet - I think she meant priestess) hi, hope you get this message cause I'm concerned and worried for you, and the rest of the crew. I've heard and seen what huricane Katrina has done to New Orleans. I'm Felicita and I visited the shop last December. I was coming in as you was going out to visit your family in Rhode Island, I don't know if you recall, but anyway, I want to let you know you're in my prayers and the rest of the crew and been collecting proceeds from my employment which is passed to the American Cross and other Orgs to help relieve the victims. Again, my prayers is with you all. I would like to know all is well with you, my dear Princess Anna, and the rest. God bless you all and be with you always.


FROM Gottfried, Vienna, Austria

Dear Anna,

I don't know if you will get this mail. It was exactly a year ago when I was in your store in New Orleans and filled my bags with your wonderful products, smells, spirits and met you and your lovely co-workers. It is hard to believe what happened to this wonderful city - but, above all, I do hope that all of you are safe. Whenever the rebuilding process will start sometimes in the future, or if you need any help now (which could be only financial, since I am here in Europe) let me know. I don't expect any answer to this mail, you are truly concerned with other things, I know, so don't worry about it.

You need a lot of strength in this time, but you will get through it, I am convinced. And there will be a day when I will step into your little wonderful store again and be carried away by your smells into another world, I am sure.
Please, don't hesitate to write if you feel I could be of any help.

In my thoughts I am with you!
All the best, yours ever,
Gottfried, Vienna, Austria

FROM Craig

I just wanted to say that eventhough I have not purchased anything, I like your website and have been interested in the services you provide. When I heard about Katrina I thought about New Orleans and its spiritual history and your business. From the bottom of my heart I sincerely wish you well and good thoughts as you struggle through this tragedy. If there is anything that I might possibly be able to help with please email me.


FROM Genie, Philanthropist

Dear Anna,

When I saw your message on Erzulie's website today, all I could say thru tears was Thank you, God. Although you may never read this email, I hope that simply by typing it I can somehow transmit my love, prayers and concern for you and your staff. Even some family members have been checking your website daily for information, emailing and calling me to express their concern; I wanted you to know that too.

The destruction and despair are almost too much to bear for those of us not directly affected. I can't begin to imagine the pain of the people of that area, especially New Orleans. Throughout this horror I cling to the hope that a better life awaits the poor and destitute survivors -- and that eventually they, in turn, will try to help themselves and others.

For all the good that you do, may it all come back to you now.

With love and prayers,

FROM Amy & Rene

Dear Anna,

I was at your store in June with my friend, Rene. It was our 2nd trip to your place. We are praying that you came through Katrina okay and will be able to keep Erzulies open. You and all the staff of Erzulies are in our thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.


Amy & Rene

FROM Merri, Chicago, IL

i'm just checking on my beautiful little shop in new orleans. my thoughts and prayers are with you all. your area was on my mind constantly thru this ordeal.
if theres anything we can do in chicago please let me know.
remain forever in my thoughts
merri harris

FROM Donna, CA


FROM Denise & Diane, CA

Hi Anna, we are thinking about you and wanted to let you know that if you need anything feel free to let us know...hope all ends up ok...we are so concerned for your beautiful city...Again, let us know you are ok after all the horror has passed....if you want to run to California let us know, and we will keep you and yours in our thoughts!!!! Batten down the hatches and hold on lady....chat soon,

Denise and Diane
from California

FROM Julie

Hi there!

I just wanted to write to let you know the World is thinking about you all during the Hurricane. Hopefully you are all safe and well and not on the receiving end of too much damage!!!! Keep smilin!!!!
Love and Light

FROM K. Marie

Dear Everyone at Erzulies,

We hope and pray that you folks are ok,and that your homes and everthing else was spared. We've been praying for you before Katrina ever hit,and we'll continue our prayers. We've made donations to the Red Cross,and are looking for other ways to help. Many people are concerned for you and wondering if youre ok.

Please when you can let us know (on your site) how you guys are doing. We're very concerned,but we'll keep praying and helping any way we can. God Bless....In our love and prayers always, K.Marie

FROM Tracey, TX

Hi everyone...

Have been so worried about all of you, am hoping and praying you're all okay, safe and sound somewhere. Also hoping Erzulie's weathered the storm, and will be fixable, as well as Madam Marie's Museum. So much devistation, am so very sorry... Please let me know if you would like some help when it is safe again to come in, can help you with clean-up, if you would like, can bring cleaning supplies, water, food, please let me know, I will be there for you, just say the word. Also, all love and blessings to you from all here in Texas, have been lighting candles, sending energies to all of you. Please let us know how you are as soon as you get the chance, ok? Big hugs from me to you, all of you....


FROM Alaine - Soprano Opera Diva, NYC & Milan

Anna, how are you!?! it's the opera singer here.... Alaine. Are you okay? I am very worried and have been trying to reach you, but I hear phones have been down. Do you need anything? a place to stay? money? a charged cell phone? I know it's far away, but you can stay with me as long as you need, I have a whole beautiful apt I hardly use because I spend so much time with my boyfriend in the city. please contact me when you get this and let me know you are okay... call anytime...

FROM Martha

Hello I am really sorry about all the damages that have occured with the hurricaine Katrina..I would like to know maybe is a little precipitated to know when are you going to re open the store or perhaps you are going to relocate it in other place. Are all the staff that works up there O.K. hope they are fine. It is really a regret your store seems to be very beautiful. I am a customer of your store..Pls when you could let me know what is going to happen with Erzulies store.
Sincerely Martha

FROM Marla, Film Producer, MD

Dear Anna,

After watching the news for this past week, I am so relieved to hear from you. I can not believe what happened as I am sure that most of America is stunned.

I know that we will meet one day. And it means more to me than you will ever know! There was a shrine made by Nancy Josephson for La Siren at a local museum. I put some of your perfume in it as well as a monetary offering. Here is the link. But, the exhibit is called Holy H2O about the spiritual power and presence of water.

Once again, I am so glad that you and your staff are safe. If you or yours ever require the services of a filmmaker or video editor or a place to stay in Columbia, Maryland, I will work for prayers and perfume.

Love Marla


Dear Anna,

I am not sure if you remember me but I was in your wonderful store about a week before the hurricane hit. My name is Lori and I bought a really great bracelet and bridgette maman oil. You have always left such a wonderful impression on all my visits to New Orleans. I hope that you are ok and that your store is ok too. I hope to be back soon to your wonderful store. May God keep you and bring you many blessings.

Yours truly,

FROM Gina, Reverend, TX

Hey Anna,

I'm so happy you and your staff are safe after the storms. I've been very lucky with the church down there. The majority of our members got out before the storm hit but we are still praying for a few that we have not been able to contact. I just wanted to drop you a line sending well wishes and also to offer my assistance when you are able to get back in. I would be happy to come down and help with the clean up at the store if you need it. I can scrub floors and walls with the best of them!! New Orleans is still my spiritual home so anything I can do to help rebuild it I will do.'
Take care friend,

FROM Cheryl, CO

Just a note of support to all of you at Erzulies and all the people of New Orleans. I am so pleased to hear that you and a lot of others we met (Prietess Miriam, Voodoo Authentica, etc.) are safe. Once again, I must tell you the beauty, energy and love that is felt upon entering your store. It pulled you into a different place stepping through your doors. What I loved was the immediate burst of Goddess Energy then the balance of our Male counterparts. I loved everything I got from your store and I know you all have great faith. What my problem is I do not believe there is anything the government can do or say to ever alleviate all the pain, misery,and destruction of New Orleans and her people. My prayers are that the Great Mother and the Universe wrap you and your city in her arms so that healing can take place on all levels. On behalf of myself, my daughter and my husband we can't wait to return to the Magical city of New Orleans and her beautiful people.

Peace, Love and Light*
Cheryl, Pueblo, Colorado

FROM Kerry

Dear good people, I wanted only to let you know that you are in my thoughts...and my prayers for your highest good are sent forth to Great Spirit...
I loved the time I spent in your shop last October. I cherish my Damballah and Ayida Wedo doll...and my memories...May you all be safe..and stay safe...

love and blessings

FROM Carol, NJ


Please know that you, your friends and your family are in my prayers during this outrageous time. We would like to do whatever we can to help with relief efforts - if you are aware of any worthwhile local organizations please let me know how to contact them. I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the coverage of the situation in New Orleans...I can not even imagine what you all have been and will be going through in the days, weeks and months to come.

My visit there a year ago last month has changed my life in so many ways. Just being exposed to the atmosphere, the mystical and the people, such as yourself, brought a new calm and peace into my being. Again, please know that there are many many people all over praying for you.


FROM Hillary

Dear Anna,

Hillary here. Was thinking about you after hearing about the aweful flooding. I do really hope that you are ok. I don't expect you to write back as I'm sure your head is spinning as it is but just wawnted you to know that my thoughts are with you.

p.s. The Effects Your products are materializing and would love to tell you about them soon,


Patricia S., Store/Web Customer, USA , 09/05


After your accurate reading I had so much renewed hope. I am so unbelievably grateful for chatting with you tonight. I was so stressed over my job, the move, and my friend that I found it hard to eat. I had been feeling sick because of stress and depression. But in the few minutes it took to talk with you, my appetite returned and my headaches went away.

Thank you so much for giving me something to look forward to. Thank you for helping me pinpoint areas I need to work on. And thank you for helping me make up my mind on one of the largest decisions I have ever made in my whole life! I even printed up our conversation so I can read back and remind myself what I need to focus on.

Before your reading though, I had one done a few weeks earlier with someone else. I was so disappointed and they were simply grasping for information but could not hit the mark. But you kept hitting the mark without me having to mention anything to you. You are just so remarkable!

I can't wait to get the chance to meet you in person. You are so compassionate and incredibly gifted. I am so grateful you came into my life when I needed to be consoled 🙂


Beth, Store/Web Customer, USA, 09/05

I hope everything is well after Rita.

I received my lovely oils and unguents. The scents are delightful and I will be ordering more very soon. Thanks so much for the Removal sample and the good wishes.

Love to all at Erzulie's


Pauline, Store/Web Customer, USA, 09/05

Dear Anna, I received Lucero on Saturday, I am really lost for words he is breathtaking. And the energy I received while working with him feels really good. Thanks A lot. I will let you know how everything turns out. I will be a returning customer. Pauline

Natasha, Web Customer, USA, 09/05

Hi Anna,

I had a great session with Priestess Kalila when she called me. Although the connection was a little rough at the beginning, it was a great session. She was right on target with alot that is going on in my life right now. It was a very eye opening session. I know there are a number of things that I need to do to change things that are going on in my life.

Thank you so much for working with me on this reading. I greatly appreciate it!


Patricia S., Web Customer, USA, 09/05

I received my order today and I was actually expecting it weeks from now. Because of everything going on in LA, I was understanding about the time frame but was surprised to get it today. And Mamma Chola Mojo Bag Doll is so elegant! The pictures in your catalogue does not do her (or any of your products) justice. She is far more splendid in person and I intend to spoil her right away. I miss having her in my home and it is wonderful to have her back.

Thank you for everything and also the free gift, I loved it. I will be ordering more in the future.


Daniel B., Web Customer, El Paso, TX, 08/05




P. Miles, Store/Web Customer, UK, 08/05

Dear Anna,

Thank you so much for my custom perfume - it is divine! I cannot thank you enough; it smells like necter of the Gods and it is wonderful! I shall order more at a later date, thanks again you are wonderful!

Thank you!
P. Miles

Linda & Chris, Store Customers, USA, 08/05

Hi Anna!

My husband & I have been to your store each time we've come to New Orleans, we just love it & we love your service, your friendliness & the way everything smells! New Orleans is our favorite place in the world & you have something to do with that.

Thanks for everything,

Linda & Chris

Pat, Store/Web Customer, Tucson, AZ, 08/05

Hey Anna!

I am Pat (in Tucson) - Thank you for your services and products and discretion! So many do not understand or even realize and privacy is so appreciated! I love your online store and that you are willing to share your knowledge without selfishness. It's so nice to find a caring place to be! May you be blessed with abundance for your kindness and consideration and I would love to visit if I can! Some things are more felt than seen and the spirit knows its own...Patricia
(Thank you Pat, for your lovely thoughts on our spiritual store!!!! ANNA

Genie, Philanthropist & Web Customer, USA, 08/05

Dear Anna,

Thank you so much for your wonderful (and prompt) response. I sent a donation to the AHDH/Haiti Relief Fund today with the following note:

Discovering Erzulie's Authentic Voudou store website has been such a blessing in my life. It is also where I found out about your organization. Erzulie's owner, Anna Parmelee, certainly makes this world a better place.

This donation is in honor of Anna.


Message from Anna: I am in tears this person is SO KIND AND GENEROUS to those in horrible conditions - SHE MAKES THE WORLD A MUCH BETTER PLACE FOR US ALL - learn more about this incredible Charity in our All About Erzulie's Section - Erzulie's Favorite Charities!

Karen H., Web Customer, Orlando, FL, 08/05


First and foremost, thank you for your immediate attention to my challenge. I want to let you know that I had the privilege of speaking with Mambo Michelle tonight and wanted to share with you what a spectucular person she is, as I'm certain you know. Her guidance and insight, not to mention her compassion, was extraordinary.

Although I might not have heard the outcome I desired to every challenging situation that I face at this time, I know I heard the truth as well as best advice. Wouldn't it be lovely if life was so rosy that we did not need this coaching? The fact is, that it is, and I am grateful for the opportunity to receive helpful information to help form my decisions.

Again, thank you for your attention to my concerns. I assure you, Mambo Michelle is exactly what I was anticipating. While I still have challenges, I feel I have some guidance as the best way to handle it at this point. Please share this with her as everyone needs a bit Hoo-Rah!


Dottie M., Store/Web Customer, USA, 08/05

Dear Anna!

I hope this email finds you doing well. Just wanted you to know, the love spell you gave me was a success! My boyfriend and I connected in a way that most don't. I'll keep it as that...

Thanks again!!!


Marie L. Web Customer, San Diego, CA, 07/05

"Dear Anna,

I wanted to thank you for the voodoo products that you sent to me. I ordered a voodoo spell kit for removing obstacles, a Papa Legba bracelet and a money soap. Everything smells wonderful!!! I am so pleased with my order - :)!

Thank you so much! 🙂

Marie L.

Jessica O, Store/Web Customer, Las Vegas, NV, 07/05

Dear Anna,

I get a small break in August so I'm hoping to return there for a few days!!! I'll definitely come by the store!!! I'd like to make the trip out there with friends instead of family because there's just some things you can't do when you're with your parents...

Anyway, I've been praising you to my friends especially the ones who are interested in tarot readings!



Marla, Web Customer, Washington, DC, 07/05

Dear Anna,

Thanks so much for the lovely custom perfume! All that everyone can say who smells it, is that is smells like me! I love it so much, I douse it on my pillows so that I can sleep with the smell. What I will also do is mix a bit of the perfume with white vinegar and/or Florida water for a great natural healthy and spiritual cleaning product.

Another thing that is a wonderful blessing is that you included Blood Orange essence. I will not ask you how you know about me and my dreams and aspirations, because the LWA are guiding you (and Aimee, the perfume master)! I feel so blessed.

Since using the perfume, cosmic clean and prosperity bath, actually, since ordering the products, great things have been happening to me.

Thanks again!
Many Blessings to You and Yours!

Gen. J., Store/Web Customer, Texas, 07/05

Hello Anna,

I love my custom perfume! I was so stunned when I saw the art on the box - simply gorgeous (again, huge Kudos to Aimee the master alchemist and Egyptian expert)! And smells so amazing, completley different on me than it smells in the bottle -- which is just perfect! It really evolves on me, smells even better as the day goes on and becomes just a part of me. It isn't strong like department store bought ones, I can't even notice it there if I don't pay attention after awhile (which is good because department store perfumes give me a headache!), but I still get compliments on how nice I smell! Love it! It's perfect, thanks so much!

It was so hard to pick things out this time, after being to your store I want to buy everything~!~

Thanks so much, take care!

Lorraine G., Store/Web Customer, Charleston, SC, 07/05

Dear Anna,

I just had to tell you thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

I visited your store when I was in New Orleans to attend the Essence Music Festival. We talked briefly and you seemed to understand what negative vibes I needed to banish. You suggested the Banishing bath.

Well, needless to say, I took it home, used it, and that negative person wrote himself out of my life script. He's gone (thank God) and there's no looking back!

You now have a new faithful customer!

Thank you!
Lorraine, a store visitor, Charleston, SC

S. Wesley, Web/Store Customer, USA, 06/05

Anna, I have to tell you...as I told your employees this last weekend while on my honeymoon...

In October, my mom and I discovered your store, and since then I have been reading and learning and discovering voodoo/hoodoo. I have used your oils as well as those from other vendors.

However, when I returned from my trip in October, I wore the Seduction Oil I purchased from you. My best friend (a male) was instantly frisky upon smelling me! In November, he proposed to me. We were married on last Thursday, May 26th....in NOLA! The Seduction Oil really works!

Further, I have a friend who visited me from Arizona in November of last year. She has always had problems with men, and usually ends up with less than desirable ones. I gave her a gris gris I made, annointed with the Seduction Oil. She e-mailed me to say....the first time she went out on the town with it in her pocket, she met the man of her dreams. They are planning on getting engaged soon! I am telling you, it works!

Thank you for your wonderful products, your informative website, and your enthusiasm. Thought you might enjoy these success stories.

S. Wesley

Ana A., Store/Web Customer, Chicago, IL, 06/05

Hello Anna,

I'd like to first say that I love your shop and that visiting it every time I am in New Orleans is a MUST! I love your products and the personalized attention I receieve when I visit. There is no other place like it. I have a question regarding my last purchase...

...I would appreciate a response, at your convenience, to my long winded letter - LOL. Thank you for eveything and I look forward to your response.

A very devoted customer,

Ana A.

Dewayna B., Store/Web Customer, USA, 06/05

Dear Anna,

Just wanted to let you know that the banishing bath wash ritual kit is really working. I started on Saturday and since then I have not had any worries that have been bothering me. Or when a problem has come up it seemed to just bounce off and I didn’t worry. My mom just passed away and I am not with the one I truly care about. These two things have really stressed me out. But since Saturday I have not had a daily cry or any worries, I feel like everything is working itself out!!! I feel so much needed relief it is unbelievable. I was not very sure if the bath ritual was the real thing at first but I will never doubt your products again!!!!

Thank you so much for helping me pick out the right products.

DeWayna B

Fran P., Web/Store Customer, Canada, 06/05






Joanne C., Store/Web Customer, NJ, USA, 06/05

Dear Anna, Blessings!

My large order came today and I am thrilled with the high quality and beauty of the products. The fragrance oils are heavenly. I hope the voodoo spells work wonders on my job hunting! Just a question: Did you ship my custom perfume order yet? I am very excited over the high quality and heavenly scents. I have expensive French perfumes that do not smell as beautiful as your potions, nor do they have the desired effect. I will order again soon.

Thank you,
Joanne C

Gen. J., Web Customer, Texas, 06/05

Dear Anna,

I want to thank you for the excellent work you did for my custom Gris Gris bag. It is just perfect! Truly a gorgeous, personal, and intense spiritual item. I most likley will be purchasing spiritual tools from Erzulie's exclusivley now, I am so very impressed.

I love the oil/powder blend used as well. The scent put me in such a receptive state from the moment I opened the package!!

Thanks very much. I am very grateful for your valuble service. Things are changing already, and I know there is much to look forward to!

--Gen. J

Loria H., Web Customer, USA, 06/05

Dear Anna,

I wanted to thank you very much for the information on your website concerning oils and scents. In the Egyptian pantheon, there is a god of perfumes, whose name is Nefertum, and I believe he has led me to your shop! I was delighted to find the three sacred lotus oils offered: pink, white, and blue. I shall be sending for some of these shortly, as well as tobacco, chocolate, and some others. They all sound delightful! I offer my respects to the Lwa and I intend to honor them for this gift! Very delighted to meet you (and the Lwa), and I shall certainly recommend your website to my friends.

Yours Truly,
Loria H.

Joanne C., Store/Web Customer, NJ, USA, 06/05


Dear Anna, Many Blessings to you and all of your staff!

My custom voudou perfume just arrived and I called to tell a member of your staff how happy I am with this perfume. The fragrance is sultry, exotic and unlike anything I have ever experienced. The beautiful box hand painted box is exquisite and I have it proudly displayed. The antique bottle is so gorgeous. That blue is heavenly.

I love the little bottle and all the handmade cards. You did a fabulous job (Many thanks to Aimee for her exceptional abilities in perfumery!). I believe you have created the world's most exquisite perfume in the world's most unique and exquisite bottle and box. These are treasures!
Please keep the formula for me because I will order more at a later date. I do not want to run out of this perfume. I will let you know what my husband thinks.

May you be blessed and happy!
Thank you very much.

Warm wishes,

Joanne C.

Diane T., Store/Web Customer, USA, 06/05

Greetings Anna,

First I would like to tell you I have used your Abundance oil for awhile now and it really helps. My checking account doesn’t deplete quickly and my credit is easily taken care of, in the real world things like having enough for all you need is more than is often the case, and I have experienced relief in this area using your oil. Thank you.

I thank you for taking the time to read this!



Ana R., Store/Web Customer, California, USA, 06/05

Dear Anna,

I have just completed the 9th day of my “Remove This Obtacle” spell. Things started being banished after the very first night of the spell. The obstacles between the man with whom I’m madly in love and me began to crumble immediately.

I was looking for work here in a part of the country where jobs are exceedingly difficult to get. I had re-approached a company that had wanted me to come work for them last fall but chose instead to go elsewhere. They offered me the job over the phone—without having re-interviewing me.

I will negotiate the money end on the first day of work, and I’m very comfortable with that. I know I’ll get what I want on that end. My confidence is solid and grounded. There are other obstacles that are also being removed—resources and people are popping in and out all over the place to make my wishes and desires materialize.

Interestingly, the 8th day is when I realized that I still wasn’t being specific enough. I then asked for the specific job—and got it within 18 hours. This last night I again became extremely precise in what I want from the man with whom I’m in love as is he with me. I know that all of it will materialize easily and effortlessly.

The interesting thing to me was how I changed and transformed throughout this process. Not only did the people and things around me shift, but also I shifted as well. Some of the changes I sought came about because the obstacles in me—not saying what I wanted from people who could assist me, for example—evaporated.

I’m amazed. Thank you for putting together such a magical kit. You know, I’ve gotten used to doing this every night after midnight. I’m almost going to miss the routine—except that I’m not much of a night person. 😉

Anyway, I’m eternally grateful for you and your shop and your help. I would highly recommend your spell kits to anyone.


Ana from California

Gen. J., Web Customer, Texas, 06/05

Dear Anna!

I had my reading done with Brandi on Saturday, and she was just wonderful. I could write a 10 page letter on how accurate it was and how it hit so many issues!!!

Thanks very much,


Joann R., Store/Web Customer, Duluth, GA, 06/05

Dear Anna,

Thank you for helping make my way more clairvoyant. You are a God send and I look forward to reporting prosperity in the very near future.

Thank you,

Joann R

Gen. J., Web Customer, Texas, 06/05

Dear Anna,

That Custom Perfume sounds just perfect! I know it's going to be absolutley heavenly and I'm excited! I was so happy to see you create custom blends with the quality of oils you carry. The information provided on the site really shows you know your stuff.

I remember the Lotus oils from when I visited your store almost 2 years ago. I just touched the outside of the bottles and the scents stayed on my hands for the entire day and night. They are just amazing! I have never found any Lotus oils that rivaled the memory of how perfect yours were.

Thanks so much for your creative input!


Maria A., Web Customer, Las Vegas, NV, 05/05


Dear Michelle,

I wanted to take this oppurtunity to thank you for the advice and reading, it help me consider a
lot of things including my priorities in life... As my spirits stand besides me, I ask for your prayers.... Again, thank you... I'll talk to you soon.... And I'll keep in touch..

Thank you,

Maria A.

Ana R., Store/Web Customer, California, 05/05

Hi Anna!

I want to order my next customized doll. I have Papa Legba, Papa Ogoun, and Mama Erzulie. All of them are working incredible magic in my life!

I am looking forward to additional magic in my life!


Ana R.

J. S., Store/Web Customer, Texas, 05/05

Dear Anna,

I don't think it was a coincidence that you and I met up with each other nor do I believe it was a coincidence that May 16th was chosen to schedule the reading.

I just wanted to provide an update on the progress of my lawsuit.

Suggesting Lucero to help me was incredible, during our round tarot card reading last week, you saw him and what he has done for me to date and I have only been asking for his help for 3 weeks. I am fortunate that he has called Erzulie Danto to help me take care of the those who are harming me. And I am working with Mamman Bridgette as well and she is always great!

Thank you so much Anna, everyday you help me so much and everyday I feel as if I owe you so much. I was so happy with what Lucero did with Erzulie Danto - I kissed him.

I am very lucky to have found you and my attorney said you saved us big time from a very sneaky attorney this past weekend. And he thanks you big time. During my reading with you, you said that their attorney was sneaky...luckily, because of you, I was mindful and was able to avoid a very bad situation that would have aligned my lawsuit in a very different way.

You also told me to be patient and give this situation time to align and all good things would come in time. Even though I am prisoner in my own home for the next few days...I am eternally grateful to you and the spirits for the guidance and help. You were so right about Lucero, he is powerful and doesn't mess around. I was so happy to hear that he had requested the Black Madonna to help me that I kissed me right on the lips and thanked him all day.

Again, you have been 100% right on all of your guidance and just know that I thank you and keep you in my prayers.


Marilyn, Store/Web Customer, California, US, 05/05

Hello Anna,

My e-mail has two purposes. First of all, I just wanted to share what a lovely experience I had visiting Erzulie's last week. It was one of the last stops on my first trip to New Orleans (it's difficult to believe that it's taken me 24 years to get myself down there.

Hopefully it won't be another 24 before I'm back, though!) yet wound up being the one that left the most impression on me. The collection of items available, spanning so many different beliefs and traditions as well as the obvious care and detail placed into creating the various oils, dolls, kits, etc. is truly exceptional. Add to that the most informative store website I've come across in a good while along with such an intuitive and kind staff, and you all have a simply outstanding business. Suffice to say, I'll be back, even if it's just in virtual form with online orders until I'm able to set foot in Louisiana personally. ;}

My next reason for e-mailing is to ask you if you could please pass the following message along to Brandi. She was a wonderful help to me during my time in the store, and I'm extremely appreciative of her insights and recommendations.

Thanks so very much! And please know that your efforts with the shop and website are greatly appreciated.



Dewayna B., Web Customer, USA, 05/05

Hi Anna!

I got my order safe and sound yesterday. Thank you!!! Oh and UMHMMMMMmmm it smells so good!!! As I took everything out to look at it I could feel the energy, it was amazing!!!



Kathy S., Store/Web Customer, USA, 05/05

Dear Anna,

I received my reading on 5/1 in your store by Brandi (one of our new readers and Shaman woman!) It is always my policy not to remit or answer any questions up front, because you should be telling me. Brandi more than fit this bill. She was quite professional as well as compassionate. She did not make me feel as 'oh boy, another customer lets just do this and get it over!'

She was quite precise and on points that were not clear did make effort and did give me clarification on the issue. Most of all, I applaud her for her integrity. She didn't sugar coat it or beef it up, she just told me the way it is nothing more, nothing less. In my anticipation prior to getting this reading I already purchased items I thought I would need. So I guess I'll just wear it for the scent. Thanks Brandi for your honesty! I will follow your recommendations, and shout at ya soon.

Love, Kathy

Bob B., Web Customer, New York, 05/05

Dear Anna,

I finished the custom spell ritual last week and it turned out just as you said it would!!! I'm much more relaxed,calm and not getting angry anymore, a little mad sometimes but it doesn't last. One thing that I learned during the meditation was that I just cannot ask for something without putting some effort towards getting what I want. Just can't ask the Lwa for something and expect them to give it to me.

I would sit in a half lotus position during the meditation,usually 20=25 minutes; one night the meditation went well but the ritual did not work out at all as my mind kept wandering all over, I could not concentrate at all so I just stopped - but still thanked Papa Leba and Ogoun and left the offerings. The next nite was the opposite, during the ritual I was getting chills and it felt like I could feel spirit everywhere.

Things have definitely changed for the better since the ritual, even the weather has gotten better and when it isn't nice, it does not bother me so much. Thank you again Anna for all that you have done for me.

Bright Blessings,


Kathy S., Store/Web Customer, USA, 05/05

Dear Anna,

I purchased some oils and they arrived in mint condition. They were packaged ever so delicately . It is evident a great deal of time and pride goes into your workmanship. It is much appreciated!

I just wanted you to know as others, such professionalism does not go un-noticed.

Thanks much!

Kathy S.

Judy U., Store/Web Customer, Nashville, TN, 05/05

Hi Anna,

I was in your store this past Sunday and purchased some wonderful items from Bartlett. Since I was on vacation, I could not leave the store with everything so I decided on my purchase and thought I'd review your website later.

I must express my deep appreciation for your beautiful products. They are exquisite and I can feel and smell the quality and vibrational purity in them. They certainly live up to the name of Erzulie! I am not a focused practioner of any one tradition, but rather have simply incorporated my devotion into an abstractly conceptual understanding of spiritual life. I have been curious about many traditions, and as much else in my life, have never picked one. I resonate to many, and therefore simply revel in the inquiry. It did not take many minutes to feel the richness and vibrational power within your store and its products. Wowee.


Judy U.

Debbie C., Web Customer, Boston, MA, 04/05

Good evening Anna,

I got my wonderful African lavender/pachouli soap today and I wanted to thank you very much for it. Its a big generous size. I am sure it will last awhile!

I have a true testimonial. I started wearing my keni paste ( heka egyptian magic) today. I haven't worn it for at least 5 months when I noticed all of sudden people at work were being extra nice to me and asking me how I was feeling and that I looked beautiful. I said to them what are you talking about because I have been having a difficult time sleeping threw the night lately.. How could I possibly look beautiful? Even when I went to the drugstore and grocery store today after work handsome men have been smiling a lot at me and saying hello? It's the keni paste and magic. I am so glad I started wearing it again. What a boost to my ego. I really needed this boost since my ex-husband has been a real ******** to me. (Edited by Anna!)

Take care and thanks again Anna for everything. I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Debbie C.

Ann, Web Customer, USA, 04/05

Hi Anna,

I just received my Cleopatra Keni Paste & Rose Milk/Honey Soap and I LOVE THEM!! The quality is amazing....they smell sweeter ---more vanilla, rose/honey, and they are so nice!!! Any suggestions on how to make men BOW TO ME with proper application of these products?

Thanks again & I will DEFINITELY be back!


Patrick Z., Store/Web Customer, California, USA, 04/05

Good Morning Anna,

I wanted to thank you for your products. They where absolutly wonderful. I have completed the spell that I ordered; Bring My Lover Back I loved performing it! I soon realized that there was never a mental connection with this person and don't really want this person back - ummm. I got played and I didn't know that before I began the spell ritual! (This is an example of the spirits doing what is BEST for you by revealing some of the problems with the ex-lovers)

Anyway, I really enjoyed the ritual and in time shall order more products too. I promised I would get back to you, to let you know the out come. Have a great day and thanks again.

Patrick Z.

Bob B., Web Customer, New York, 04/05

Dear Anna,

I used your remove this obsacle spell in December and got the exact results I was asking for 3 or 4 days into the spell. Thank you for reminding me that God And the Lwa are with me, I've been forgetting that way to much lately. Remember, with a New England team winning the World Series and the Super Bowl, you don't have the funny accent down there anymore, they do - ha ha!!!!

Bright Blessings,


G. Morris, Web Customer, Chicago, IL, 04/05

Dear Anna,

I received my package today, the USPS actually misdelivered it to another address, but that's not your fault! My mission is to become an African Wise Woman, knowing and practicing the ways of antiquity, and I thank you for having the tools for me to begin my journey! Take care and thank you again and again.


G. Morris

R. Walker, Store/Web Customer, Manitoba, Canada, 04/05

Hi Anna,

I love the Abundance Oil scent!!! There have been SO many times that the Abundance has been noticable effective ...

For example, one day, I was going to a skating competion to take pictures and I was kinda dredding it as these things are usually more sitting around than making any money. This day, I put on lots of abundance and when we got home at 10:30 that night, I'd made just over $1000. WOW! Just one of many examples but I tell ya, this stuff works!

Have a great day!!


R. Walker

Dawn S., Store/Web Customer, St. Louis, MO, 04/05

Anna & Kelleigh,

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciate all the time an attention you have given me since I first visited your store in March. Since that time I have purchased 2 reading (Kelleigh you ROCK I have a lot to tell you!), a voudou doll, bracelet, spiritual bath, and an opening road candle. I can tell you this; the quality of your merchandise and services is fabulous I know when I purchase anything from your store it will be of the highest quality.

The website is a great tool I have read every article you have I think. This has helped me learn so much and find other good links for research.

Visiting your store opened me up so much and I am happier than I have been in a long time, plus I got past my writing block and have so many ideas I have to write them down for a later time. I know that the block was lifted by the healing bath and open road candle.

Well I feel like I’m rambling so I want to show you my appreciation so we have sent you a gift to your store it should be there tomorrow (THEY WERE SIMPLY AMAZING COOKIES BTW!!!) I also have a special gift for Papa Legba and Erzulie-Freda.

PS. I love my doll!!!!! I have a special place for him with the open road candle!

Thank you, for everything I can wait to see you again at the end of October.

Dawn S.

Jessica O, Store/Web Customer, Las Vegas, NV, 04/05

Dear Anna,

Last month, my parents and I were in New Orleans. While my parents chose to attend mass, I opted to walk around the French Quarter which is how I found your store. That week, I had a tarot reading with Kelleigh who was just great. I hope to have another reading with her again one day. But ever since I walked in, I found myself unable to stop buying things. I am a constant visitor to your website. Luckily I found a part time job so I'll have some income coming in and more money to spend - LOL! I'm so looking forward to my next order which should be here in a few days.

Thanks for everything!

Jessica from Las Vegas, NV

Susie, Store/Web Customer, USA, 04/05

Dear Anna,

My Papa Legba has already worked wonders for me!!! Two days after I got him, I had received a call from work. I decided to go back to work at this large retail store, initially, they couldn't officially hire me back until they talked to my references. And I had already waited a month because they couldn't get in touch with them! I also have a long-distance relationship (he lives in Wales, UK) and I am trying to get over there this summer with a work-abroad program and Legba is doing wonders with all of this as well!



Micheal H., Store-Web Customer, San Francisco, CA, 04/05

Hi Anna,

I wrote you back in February. Finally made it to Louisiana a few weeks back and stopped in the store. I didn't have a lot of time in New Orleans itself unfortunately. I was staying with a friend in Houma and was reliant on his schedule. So I got the whirlwind tour of the city. But enough to see why I had fallen in love with it.

Stopping in at Erzulie's was at the top of my list. Had a lovely time meeting and chatting with Brandy. You were gone till later in the day. I was reading Kalila Katherina Smith's book on the way home and she certainly spoke highly of your store as well. I look forward to taking her tours on my next visit.

I loved both the city and Cajun Country.This note is mostly to tell you how much I enjoyed your store and your product. I picked up Flames of Passion oil and Abundance spray elixir for my altar while I was visiting. They were very well received by Erzulie. How appropriate it was to bring her gifts from your store. I bought my friend a Simbi candle and one of your Intuition products that he liked. Not a practitioner himself, it was nice to see that some of your lovely product called to him as well.

We'll have to see what Simbi has in mind for him. Interesting if it's anything like one of my snakes named Simbi. Again, it was a pleasure and I look forward to actually meeting you on my next visit which will have much more time in the city.

Take Care, Michael

H. Whallon, Web Customer, Phoenix, AZ, 03/05

Hello Lovely Anna!

I wanted to let you know that my package of For Your Wealth Bath Salts arrived safe and sound on Monday!! Such fast service as always. I had to tell you that with one soak, while not a million dollars (wink-wink), I was invited to a focus group, qualified and will receive $40 cash and a year supply of ice cream - how funny!!


H. Whallon
(I think a year supply of ice-cream is FANTASTIC, just for the record - Anna)

A. Star, Store Owner & Web Customer, Homer, Alaska, 03/05

Dear Anna,

Thank you so much .. I love my order (10 Precious Attar Oils) .. the products are exceptional. Everything arrived in tact, no leaks, no breaks within a few days of the order..

Thanks again,

A. Star
Homer Alaska

Micheal M., Store-Web Customer, Boston, MA, 03/05

(We thought this was so sweet!!!!)

Hi Anna,

I was going to ask you if you could move Erzulie's up here to Boston right next to my house so i can have you guys all to myself. is that selfish? 🙂 i have been dabbling around looking at some other places on the web, but Erzulie's is by far the best! Also, i am wary of letting go of your skirt tail for i won't be under your protection anymore - ha ha!!! 😉 🙂


P. Stein, Web Customer, Germany, 03/05

Dear Anna,

Thank you very much! I have got my Money Spells Gris Gris 2 weeks before. During this time I got $2,500--€ from a customer. The time before, I did not get so much money during the last 3 months. But now money, good luck and good business comes into my life every day. Everything happened very fast.

I am so happy about you and Erzulie's and your wonderful products. You are an Angel.
Thank you very much.

A lot of blessings
your friend from Germany

Dawn S., Store/Web Customer, St. Louis, MO, 03/05

Dear Anna,

I was in New Orleans this past weekend and we found your store's name in the back of a book we purchased New Orleans Ghosts and Vampires (by Kalila Smith - see our occult books and tarot section!).

I was looking for good a good occult store, the moment I walked into your store I had a good feeling. I am new at studying the occult so I have many questions and I have no one in St. Louis, Mo. to talk to, so I am left to the Internet and lots of books. Kelleigh was running the store that day and she made us feel so welcomed and relaxed!!!

I was talking to Kelleigh about having to purchase my magic supplies on-line and she gave me your web site and I love it! I have order a tarot reading over the phone and I can't wait. I just feel like I have found a jewel with your store and I look forward to being a client for many years to come.

Thank you,
Dawn S.

PS. Tell Kelleigh she is the greatest, and I look forward to visiting your store again in person in October."

J. Simpson, Store/Web Customer, Dallas, TX, 03/05

Hi Anna,

Just a note to comment on the relationship we have been building over the past couple of months.

The past year was horrible for me, career, love relationship and just personally had sunk to new lows...and I am a very happy, hopeful person. The last straw was when my long time boyfriend and I broke up...so I was searching one day...not for anything in particular on the web and found you. Thankfully I did!

I first purchased some of your soaps, first, used the cosmic cleanse.. then I called the store to find out if I should have a reading or spiritual cleansing and whoever answered the phone was great! Then I had a reading from Kelly on my career...this was over the phone reading and gotta say...it was accurate with the past and funny how things are lining up for the current and the future of her findings.

During the reading, I asked for solutions to rid myself of negative influences and she gave me some things I could try, if I wanted to...well the 7 Day Banishing Wash was great, actually very nice on my skin, the Papa Legba Doll, Candle Altar and Soap have been working very nicely actually...not excited about the cigar smoke...but he seems to love it! Can't wait to see how he reacts to the 8 year old rum he is going to get.

A few weeks later, I had a reading from you Anna, utilizing the Round Cards which I loved...very accurate for the past and I am hopeful that events align with the cards. This is probably going to be my medium for readings with you...it was very enlightening, exciting and overall, I am amazed at what you were able to gleam from those cards.

Anyone who skeptical of this faith based religion, should try this reading first and foremost...especially if you are an online customer....

My next thing is to bring in money...so I have a Bring Me The Money Spell which I will begin on Thursday, of course, I will let you know how that turns out...

I have also ordered the body glitter and looking forward to receiving those items...yeah.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you and for anyone who needs a little help to understand what the future may hold for them and possible solutions to help the Lwas work with them...you, your staff and your solutions is the only place to go for help.

I look forward to our quarterly readings together and hope to meet you in person soon.

J. Simpson...Dallas Texas - Webstore Customer

Zino M., Store/Web Customer, Los Angeles, CA, 03/05

Dear Anna:

Hope you are doing well. These baths have made such a difference. I love 'em. I feel they have made the most positive difference. Thanks from your fan club in Los Angeles!


Maria A., Web Customer, Texas, 03/05

Dear Anna:

I have been very impressed with your site for some time now and have bought several items which are top-quality and very useful. Another thing that leads me to want to contact you is the many similarities we share...our organization is having its annual conference in New Orleans this year in May. It will be my first time in your city! I’m pretty excited. And I wanted to come into your shop and chat a while about spiritual development, rituals, etc. I want to make this trip spiritually meaningful somehow, and I thought you might be a good person to start the conversation with since we’re about the same age and I really resonate with your writing. I also want to schedule my visit at a time that will be convenient for you and will fit within the conference agenda.

Anyway, looking forward to connecting soon. From one spiritual seeker to another,


G. Christian, Store/Web Customer, New York City, NY, 03/05

Dear Anna,

A friend and I visited your store last May and were so taken by the warmth and supportive feeling. I've been delighted with the products I purchased then (and have ordered more since then!) and I am hoping you can recommend another product...

Thanks so much,
G. Christian

G. Lewis, Web Customer, Netherlands, 02/05

Dear Erzulie's Staff,

I want to let you know that I receive my order today! I didn't expect it so soon. Everything was packed carefully and like a gift. I was so thrilled. Now I going to read the manual to use the articles properly.
Many thanks for your help and excellent service.

Yours Truly,
G. Lewis, Netherlands

N. Bailey, Web Customer, Portland, ME, 02/05

Hi Anna,

You are the best!!! Whether you know it or not from the very first time I emailed you til this very day (which is spiritually amazing) you have helped me grow. I would love to repay you some day. I was seeking spiritually for things not known to everyone in 2002. It is now 2005, you still answer me, no matter what I ask, never disrespected or degraded me, you are the best spiritual guidance I have ever met and known throughout my 31 years.

N. Bailey (One of the sweetest people on the planet!!!!)

Jen, Store & Web Customer, New York City, 01/05

Dear Anna,

I believe that you meet certain people in your life for a reason…that’s what I feel about Anna and the staff at Erzulie’s. In fact, I visited this store a year prior on my last vacation to New Orleans and didn’t realize it until I came back this year. This time I feel like I was led to Erzulie’s. And for good reason…things were going on in my life that were going out my control—actually, unbeknownst to me at the time.

When I first stepped into the store I met the beautiful and spiritually gifted owner Anna who immediately offered her help and assistance to my needs. She knew right away that things were going on around me and suggested things that I needed to do. Following her instructions, I brought her products back to my hotel and started doing everything that she told me to do. I immediately experienced some kind of withdrawal which she told me to expect and this proved that things were actually working. Over the course of a few weeks afterwards the dark cloud that was surrounding me was lifting. I did the Remove This Obstacle kit and it was unbelievably amazing.

A few weeks later I decided it was time to have a reading with Baba Luis, who in my humble opinion, is one of the best and truly gifted psychics I’ve ever met as well as being one of the sweetest people on the planet. [I love you, Baba Luis!] His reading was beyond accurate and more insightful and revealing than I would have ever imagined. Without even asking you questions, the things he reveals and tells you will stop you in your tracks. Trust me! And for anyone that gets readings with Baba Luis [and everyone should] listen to his words of wisdom and follow whatever he tells you to do. He KNOWS!!! I’m am here to testify to that. I recently had another reading with him to kick off the New Year! It’s amazing the things that he can see…I’m in awe.

Also check out the voodoo dolls, gris-gris bags and spiritual products…they are made with love…as are all of Anna’s products. I highly recommend sticking with Anna products at Erzulie's for your personal spiritual needs because each and everything that they do is made by them personally—and not something mass produced. Erzulie’s is the only place I will ever trust to go to and Anna and staff are the real deal.

I love you all and words can’t convey how much I appreciate everything that you’ve done for me…much blessings always and forever.

Jen. [your East Coast friend]

Jose G., Web Customer, Sydney, Australia, 01/05

Dear Anna - this is regarding Hougan Shane - Moonshines Voodoo:

I was one of those people who attended Houngan Shane's retreat in Sydney when they came to Australia in 1997. I have to sincerely say that Shane Norris is one of the nicest and most genuine of persons I have ever met.

It truly was a great honor for me to have met such a friendly and wise Houngan. Among those who attended the retreat I can honestly say that Shane himself stands out as one of the true highlights of that weekend.

I was originally informed of this Voodoo religion retreat & visit through another spiritual group, but I was not aware that Hougan Shane would also be coming. All I can say is I thank the ancestors that he did, it would not have been the same without him.

Great site by the way.
Jose G.

N. Bailey, Web Customer, Portland, ME, 01/05

Dear Anna,

My custom Oshun doll arrived on Saturday. It has been unbelievable since. I am just now beginning to settle my own energy into center. Baba Louis is very very very very very very precious. The energy and ability is sweet strong and powerful. What a wonderful blessing you have your store. ...........Enjoy

I am still in awe....

N. Bailey

Melissa & Chris A., Store Customers, 01/05

Dear Anna,

My husband and I were there during the Haunted History Tour with Elliot (tour guide) which ended in your store. My husband Chris was the big guy with long hair and I (Melissa) had some health issues and you recommended some oils and soap for me.

I have to say your store was my favorite place in New Orleans. I truly believe I came there for a reason. When I met you during you presentation you put off a vibe that was incrediable. Your knowledge was endless on a subject that I was terribly mislead.

I left you store with such excitement to learn as much as I can about the religion and to start my new journey. The products that I purchased have already made an impact on my life. I want to Thank You for everything you and your staff have done for me!!!

Melissa A.

(These guests were such lovely people - just wonderful to work with and we hope they visit again real soon - Anna)

Winona, Store Customer, Washington, DC, 01/05


My husband and I had a reading at your store last week and the next night we wandered in again because we were part of a tour. You were one of the many friendly people we met (albeit briefly) in New Orleans. We completely fell in love with the city and were amazed at how everyone was so friendly.

You have a great shop and the lady that did our reading (I have forgotten her name) (Tracy Greer) was nice as well. I'm sure that I'll be doing some online shopping in the future on your site!

Take care,

Carole D., Web Customer, USA, 01/05

Dear Anna,

Received my purchase of oil & powder. I want you to know that I purchased oils & powders at other occult shops. Your products are the BEST...good quality..smells good too! Very impressed. In the spring, I plan a trip to New Orleans, and will be stopping by your store.

Carole D.

Caitlin O., Store Customer, Melbourne, Australia, 01/05

Hi Anna,

This is Caitlin. I know you see so many people, so you may not remember me: my boyfriend and I were introduced to your shop on a Haunted History tour. Stephanie was our tour guide, and my boyfriend and I happened to be the only ones on that particular evening tour. He's Australian, and the two of us were about to go back to Melbourne together when we met you. We loved your shop so much we had to come back the next day and buy more stuff!

Well, we've been firmly ensconced in Melbourne for a year now, and things are great! I just wanted to let you know how much we really love your products, and we recommend them to everyone. I was wondering, though, if you could jog my memory as to a product of yours. When I was in New Orleans, my mom was having some really bad knee trouble. I asked you what would be the best thing for it, and you gave me a bottle of oil, with instructions for her to rub it on her knee. (RENEW OIL) Well, not only did it completely clear her knee up (and before that, it was looking like she'd have to have surgery to regain total mobility), but recently she's been having neck pains, and a few applications of the oil cleared THAT up, too! My question is: what exactly was that oil? I'm thinking it might have been the Renew oil, but I'm not sure. My mom's supply is almost out, and she'd like to stock up on some more!

I really can't tell you how much it means to me, though, that your oil has worked for her (she has has numerous health/joint problems). I know that when your oil worked on her, she was so amazed and happy, but more than that, I was so relieved! It was honestly like a dream come true.

So Anna, thank you so much for all the great stuff you provide! You definitely have faithful customers in me, Mike and my mom. If you're not too busy, let me know what you think that oil might've been. 🙂

Many thanks,

Cynthia, Store/Web Customer, USA, 01/05

Dear Anna,

I had the most wonderful experience at your store a few weeks ago, while vacationing in New Orleans, and made some great purchases...and am looking forward to more from your store!! Your staff, your merchandise, your energy...all incredibly awesome!!! You are already a blessing in my life, and will continue to be so, I know!!
Thanks again, and blessings to you,

Cynthia (one of the sweetest customers!:)

Natasha VL, Store/Web Customer, Los Angeles, CA, 01/05

Dear Anna,

I visited New Orleans for the first time 2 weeks ago and I made a special trip to your store. I purchased some nice smelling Abundance perfume, and the staff there put some of this oil on my boyfriend. We were both sniffing his wrist the whole plane ride home, so i figured he'd like this for Valentine's Day. I'll let you know if the abundance works!

Thanks, Natasha

D. Wallace, Web Customer, New Jersey, 12/04

Hi Anna:

I just like to let you know, that I had a great psychic reading, by Baba Luis, he was very helpful, and it was very enlightening - thank you so much!

D. Wallace

J. Jackson, Web Customer, Indiana, 12/04

Thanks Anna,

Massive Amounts of Money is coming back to me now! Every-day and in every-way! Thank you for your products!

J. Jackson

Steve Z., Store/Web Customer, California, 12/04

Dear Anna,

I just wanted to let you know that I had a great meeting with Baba Luis. He really is a sweetheart of a guy and just so insightful. So much of what he told me was right on and was a real confirmation to me about what is going on in my life, and he gave me a game-plan. He made some good suggestions of products that I have just ordered, and i look forward to seeing how those work. I'll let you know as always!

Thanks again for everything!
Steve Z

P. Steward, Web Customer, Houston, TX, 12/04

Dear Anna,

Thanks for the update. I will order the candles again later. Hope your holidays are excellent. I just want to tell you that your products are the best I have ever tried. And I am a customer for life. And the service that I constantly receive is AWESOME

Happy Holidays,
P. Steward

Melinda & Jeremy, Store/Web Customers, 11/04


My name is Melinda and I was drawn to you and your store during my last visit to New Orleans. My boyfriend Jeremy and I purchased some wonderful products to help with the healing of his mother who had breast cancer - Which by the way has completely left her body!!!! Thank you for your help Anna! I have some other issues I may need your help with....I would love to hear from you soon.

Warmest Regards

Sandra M., Web Customer, 11/04

Once again I have received above and beyond excellent service from a member of your staff. I called to speak to Baba Luis before I placed my order to insure that I was ordering the things I needed and to insure that I would be using them correctly. However, Baba Luis was not on shift and I spoke to Tracy. I have spoken to her before and was pleased with her knowledge and the affable manner in which she spoke with me. Tonight, again, I was far from disappointed with her.

She is a wonderful lady and was so very helpful with both my situation and the products I need to correct it. You are so lucky to have such wonderful and knowledgable staff. I hope to be doing business with you all for a very long time to come. Also, I look forward to the day when I will be able to take a trip to visit the shop and your wonderful people in person.

I wish you all the very best and I look forward to the arrival of my order and the next time I will have the chance to speak to one of your people.

Thank you very much,

J. Jackson, Web Customer, 11/04


This is J. Jackson, you may not remember me as I am sure you have many clients; You made me up a protection Gris about 4-5 months ago, as well as a personalized Gris for further protection from her and my former workplace. I have since moved to Indiana!!!! I shall say that I am divorced and you helped me a great deal, Anna. I am finally FREE!

Many thanks,
J. Jackson

Dorothy, Web Customer, 11/04


Thank you so much for the reading that I received from Baba Luis. I was very satisfied and I know that with the information that he provided to me I will be able to succeed in the future. I look forward to speaking to him again very soon. He made me feel very comfortable and he is a wonderful person. Thanks again.

Best Regards,

Martha, Store Customer, 11/04

Hi Anna,

I just wanted to let you know once again what a wonderful experience it was to meet you and enjoy such a wonderfully charged space!!....Your store was one of the best experiences we had in our hunt for authentic voodoo shops....I absolutely love my Papa Legba doll and my Baron Samedi doll!!...I will be getting the pictures of our trip in a couple of days and will send you the picture of us....I can't wait to go back to New Orleans....I had such a wonderful time!!!....


Piera, Psychic Reading/Web Customer, 11/04

Hi Anna,

I had my first reading with Baba Luis last week and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. Luis confirmed a few things that I had been getting from the lwa I serve – plus he gave some great advice.

I live is Los Angeles, otherwise I’d come into your store and thank you personally.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. I am hoping I can arrange for more meetings with him soon. And Luis, if you are reading this, hugs to you! Am still hanging in there – so if you have any other suggestions, I am wide open 🙂


Diane W., Store Customer, 11/04


Dear Anna,

I was in your shop a few months ago and purchased many items. I have been very pleased. My friend and I came back to your shop for a few moments before going out on the town. You and the wonderful man that makes your dolls( I cannot remember his name) were both there. He sprayed us with an attraction spray (Seduction Spray) before we left. We both had men surrounding us all night. Can you tell me the name of the spray and the cost?
I love your store and your attitude toward life.

Thank you
Dianne W.

Caroline, Web Customer, New Jersey, 11/04


Dear Anna:

I truly do not know where to begin. I heard about your store from a friend who had gotten married in New Orleans and visited your store and had nothing but great things to say about about it. So over the Summer I decided to do a search and try to find your website. Needless to say I found it and was very fascinated with the products and services you offered. Like many including myself at one time, I believe people get the wrong idea of voodoo since it is always presented as a bad thing in movies or books etc.

I want you to know I purchased many of your money and success products and out of no where I thought of an invention which lead to making it a reality and now I have been in newspapers and I have manufacturers looking into it and I still cannot believe it. There is no doubt in my mind that I have been truly blessed with the help of your products and the spirits. I can't thank you all enough. One day in the near future I will be fortunate to visit your store in person and I will Thank all of you for the wonderful things you have done for me.

Carolyn in NJ 🙂

Ananda W., CT, Web Customer, 10/04


I just wanted to let you know I received the Cocoa absolute oil and it is
simply DREAMY. I think I'm in love!! Thank you so much for offering
such an exquisite, hard to find product of purity and sensuality. Your
Sis was right!!


Holly M., Store Customer, Baton Rouge, LA, 10/04

I LOVE YOUR SHOP AND EMPLOYEES!!!! Recently, while visiting Nawlins, my hubby and I popped into your store. We met a man working there that really touched my heart. I cannot put my finger on what it was. But he was so inviting and friendly. I have never been a fan of local shops due to the fact, I find most of them tourist sell-outs. But yours was very different. It really had items I can use, and I really felt a connection with your employee. I do not remember his name (it was the GREAT BABA LUIS!)(after a few drinks, I'm lucky I remember the day at all...lol) . I cannot wait to make another trip to N.O. just to visit your shop and talk with this man again. Your altar truly reflects my feelings of our path......that everyone is welcome to contribute and welcome to participate in the blessings. The minute I walked in I felt comfortable and wanted there.

Thank you for providing a place to connect to our faith and to others who just feel right.

Brightest Blessings,

P.S. I truly wish I lived closer (I'm in Baton Rouge), so that I could become a part of your family and community.