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Welcome to Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo! Since Voodoo is such an extensive and reciprocal religion, there are many facets of our spiritual services; from live performances and private spiritual rituals to the numerous methods of spiritual remedies and varying forms of divination, therefore, we have implemented this section of Convention and Visitor Services, Custom Voodoo Rituals, Custom Spiritual Services, Custom Voodoo Products, Wholesale Pricing and Requirements and Specialty Pricing Button Options at the bottom of page to help provide you with every Authentic Voodoo option available at Erzulie’s.

If you are visiting New Orleans in the near future, please stop by our New Orleans Voodoo Store located at:

Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo & Magical Boutique – New Orleans
807 Rue Royal
(Corner of St. Ann & Royal St. in the French Quarter)
New Orleans, LA 70116
Ph: 504-525-2055
Fx: 504-525-2099

New Orleans Convention and Visitor Services

As proud members of the New Orleans Convention and Visitor Bureau, Erzulie’s would like to welcome you to the Big Easy – Voodoo style! Our practitioners have extensive experience in providing Voodoo Services for numerous conventions, trade shows and tour groups. Please call 504-525-2055 to discuss how we may assist you with your event planning needs. Some of our most popular convention and visitor requests are:

Live Dancing Voodoo Rituals

Our practitioners will create a unique & mesmerizing Voodoo Dancing Ritual for your event. Each ritual can be as small or elaborate as you require with many performance styles such as Snake Dancing, Fire Dancing, Flag Dancing, Ritual Drumming and more. Please call us to discuss your live event needs. Call 504-525-2055 to discuss your details.

Psychic Readings at Your Event

If you are looking to create an unforgettable experience, let our Voodoo practitioners providing personal & accurate psychic readings at your next event. Each practitioner has extensive experience in working with groups and conventions of all sizes, very professional and available to accommodate your event schedule. Call 504-525-2055 to discuss your details.

Custom Voodoo Specialty Gifts

Many event planners or tour groups are looking for unique and memorable items to give as “take home” or “thank you” gifts for attending. Erzulie’s can create complete lines of many Voodoo products to place in your Gift Bag. Just contact us with your requirements and we will accommodate your needs promptly. Call 504-525-2055 discuss your details.

Custom Voodoo, Vodou & Voudou Rituals

These spiritual services and rituals are for those who wish to further their studies in Voodoo, personally enrich their lives, or just seeking to further their spiritual growth. Erzulie’s is proud to provide many Voodoo Rituals and Services including:

  • Lave-Tet’s
  • Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Healing Rituals
  • Custom Energy & Spiritual Cleaning Baths
  • Voodoo Initiation Rituals (please phone 504-525-2055  or 401-845-2055
  • Relationship, House or Business Blessings and Cleansings (please phone 504-525-2055 or 401-845-2055)
  • Marriage Blessing Ceremonies (please phone 504-525-2055 or 401-845-2055)
  • Customized Voodoo Rituals Available (please phone 504-525-2055 or 401-845-2055)

Each Voodoo service is prepared and performed by highly experienced, caring and initiated Voodoo Practitioners, crafted specifically around your personal needs and schedule. Most of these spiritual services do require your attendance and participation as they cannot be performed on your behalf. Additionally, these rituals take time and planning for preparation, hand-crafted offerings to the Lwa and extensive ritual work before your appointment, therefore, only serious inquiries will be considered. These rituals are offered to anyone in need of healing, cleansing and blessing ritual work or furthering their spiritual growth. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs at 504-525-2055 or 401-845-2055

Customized Voodoo, Vodou, Voudou Products

Since Voodoo is such an extensive religion renowned for numerous methods of handling a particular situation, our Voodoo practitioners will be more than happy to create any magical object or fetish necessary to your specific case, from Customized Spell Kits to Specialty Gris-Gris Bags. Additionally, there are many unusual and powerful Voodoo products such as:

  • Vodou Work Lamps (based upon your details)
  • Pwens (magical object(s) for bringing desires)
  • Bend-Over Jars (for influencing a certain person)
  • Protective Guards (must be in-person to obtain)
  • Specialty Bath Mixtures
  • Powerful Oil Combinations
  • Specialty Waters
  • Custom Potions
  • Custom Powders
  • Dressed & Anointed Ritual Candles
  • Combinations of the above items

Typically, these items will sell for approximately $200.00 – $2500.00 depending upon your case and how much time, or supplies needed to prepare the order. We will always disclose the cost before doing anything on your behalf. Please contact the store at 504-525-2055 or 401-845-2055  to inquire about any of these customized Voodoo products and services.

Wholesale Pricing

Thank you for your interest in carrying the Erzulie’s Authentic Voudou product line! E-mail webmistress@erzulies.com if there are some items you are interested in purchasing wholesale.

We are often asked by other companies if we offer wholesale pricing on our products. Since everything at Erzulie’s is exclusive and handcrafted, we are happy to provide you with our Authentic Voodoo or Ancient Magical wares; however, you must meet some requirements before discussing any details or obtaining price quotes:

  • Name, Address, Location and Website of Business
  • You must be a legitimate business with Federal Tax ID
  • You must be a legitimate business with State Sales Tax Exemption or Re-Sale ID
  • You must have a functioning store front or established web business with PHONE NUMBERS and a street mailing address
  • You must be able to provide 3 trade references
  • All wholesale products are pre-paid in advance until a relationship and billing history has been satisfactorily established with your organization
  • We only sell in 10 unit minimums per product line – meaning, we do not wholesale for 2 items of any particular oil, we require 10 unit minimums to qualify for wholesale pricing
  • Email webmistress@erzulies.com or phone (504) 525-2055 or (401) 845-2055 with your information and your itemized list of what products you are inquiring about

Please keep in mind since everything at Erzulie’s is hand-crafted in-house or by reputed practitioners exclusively for Erzulie’s, and made with the finest, highest quality precious oils and organic ingredients, our retail prices on some products are NOT much higher than the wholesale cost.

We do not have standard discount rates across the board; they vary depending upon the supply and demand of the raw goods we use to handcraft each item. Should there be no Rose crop for example, anything made with Pure Rose Otto will be considerably higher than other precious oil formulary. Please email webmistress@erzulies.com or phone (504) 525-2055 or (401) 845-2055 with your information, documentation and itemized list of what products you are inquiring about.