Spiritual Baths ~ “Wealth, Prosperity & Road Open” 7-Day Voodoo Bath Ritual





Spiritual Baths, Magical Baths & Voodoo Ritual Baths for Voodoo Money Spells & Prosperity Magic! Authentic Voodoo Money Spells & Wealth Magic Bath Rituals!  For the most “successful” soak ~ draw wealth, financial success and prosperity into your life with this powerful Vodou Ritual Kit! Erzulie’s “Wealth, Prosperity & Road Opening” Ritual Kit is a must have for all financial endeavors as it’s carefully prepared to bring wealth, prosperity, opening doors of opportunity, abundance and financial success in all areas of business, career and prosperity. Our “Wealth, Prosperity & Road Opening” 7-Day Ritual Bath is perfect for removing obstacles from your path, bringing new alignment in financial areas, and for new financial and employment beginnings too!

Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo “Wealth, Prosperity & Road Opening” Voodoo Magical Ritual Bath Kit includes a rare, “Money-Drawing” organic 13-herb mixture, 7 oz. Bar of our “Money Wash” handmade, organic goat’s milk soap, pure essential oil & herbal bath salts, hand-blended for prosperity, 7-sticks of “High-John the Conqueror” hand-dipped, resin incense, powerful “Van-Van” Bath Wash and a blessed Green 7-Knob Voodoo “Money” Candle renowned for drawing wealth, prosperity and financial opportunities into your life.

This “Wealth, Prosperity & Road Opening” Voodoo Ritual Bath is a perfect magical supplement to to any Vodou Wealth & Prosperity Spells & Rituals, Voodoo Bring Me Money Spells & Kits or Magical Voodoo Wealth & Prosperity Fetish Dolls! Erzulie’s Voodoo Bath Rituals are packaged in a beautiful, reusable, hand-stitched large green organza bag!