Voodoo Spells ~ “Voudou Love & Passion” Gris-Gris Bags & Mojo Bags

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Voodoo Love Spells, Love Drawing Spells & Passion Spells! Authentic Voodoo Gris-Gris & Mojo Bags! Use this powerful Gris-Gris to bring the love you want, draw new romance into your life or enhances the romantic love you have.  Packed with rare and sacred organic herbs, precious essential oils & hand-pressed Voodoo Powders renowned for love drawing, romance & passion …this Voudou Love Gris-Gris is a must have for all relationships.  If you want to reinforce your relationship, or looking for a better one – this is the Voodoo Gris-Gris bag for you! Arrives with a packet of French Love Voodoo Ritual Powder and a dram of Flames of Passion Voodoo Ritual Oil in a gift box with detailed instructions.