Voodoo Veve Dolls for LaSiren ~ Petite Calming & Healing Voodoo Dolls ~ In-Store Exclusive


Voodoo Dolls and Voodoo Veve Dolls of the Lwa!  Voodoo Veve Dolls for LaSiren! The divine water spirit and often correlated to the water version of Erzulie-Freda. Mambo LaSiren, the wife of Agwe, is a very powerful Lwa who lives in the sea. She can bring much luck, wealth, success, love and very calming and healing to those who seek her assistance. She too, is very beautiful and loves very decadent and exquisite items, particularly anything beautiful from the ocean or that represents water!

These divine Voodoo Veve Dolls are dressed in breathtaking, hand-stitched green & blue fabrics, handcrafted with a gorgeous, hand-sculpted & hand-painted face framed with a beautiful head of hair, semi-precious stones with ritualized and consecrated shells & fetishes for the Spirit of the Sea, including her magical Veve hand-painted on the fabric. Mambo La Siren is appeased with items from the ocean, sea water, pearls, blue and green candles! These exquisite ritualized Voodoo Veve Dolls are custom crafted per order and arrives self-standing, with detailed labeling and approximately 6″ tall.