Voodoo Goddess Magnets – 4 Pack Gift Set ~ In-Store Only!




New Voodoo Goddess Magnets – 4 pack gift set of the Divine Voodoo Goddesses! This beautiful gift set of our beloved Voodoo ladies is made with hand-cut ceramic, white gloss tiles and then printed with a unique full-color sublimation process to create the vivid, colorful imaging you see pictured.

These are large 2″ x 2″ square ceramic tiles with an industrial strength magnet adhered on the back, so you can keep the Divine Vodou Goddesses around you everywhere ~ they are perfect for home and office indeed!

Erzulie’s exclusive Vodou Goddess 4-Pack Gift Set includes our original paintings of the Lwa, Erzulie’s hand-drawn Veve’s for each of the Vodou spirits and some magical information embedded in the artwork for the following Voodoo Goddesses:

Erzulie-Freda ~ Voodoo Spirit of Love, Passion, Beauty & Prosperity
Mambo LaSiren ~Divine Water Spirit for Calming, Healing & Balance
Erzulie-Danto ~Protective Warrior Spirit for Power, Strength & Fertility
ManMan Bridgette ~ Voodoo Spirit of Transitions & Justice

Due to the handcrafted nature of our crafting, each Voodoo Goddess magnet will vary slightly in coloring & size!