Vodou Spells & Vodou Pwens ~ Protection Vodou Pwen (Proteje)

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Voodoo Spells, Vodou Spells, Vodou Baths, Vodou Pwens & Custom Vodou Baths ~ Custom Vodou Pwen for Protection Vodou Spells, Protective Guards & Protection Vodou Rituals!  This powerful Haitian “Proteje” Vodou Pwen is crafted to provide solid spiritual protection in many areas and perfect for those whom have high-risk jobs such as police officers, firefighters & military, those being undermined at their place of employment or frequently travel and want to ensure safety.

These Vodou Pwens are also highly recommended for those in need of protection against spiritual attacks, Black Magic, harmful entities & evil intentions of others. Our “Proteje” Protective Vodou Guards may be worn and/or carried on your person, placed in your home or business, and traditionally, installed over or very near, the main entrance of the environment in need of protection.

The “Proteje” Protection Vodou Guard is personally crafted & customized for each individual client and their troubling situation with select, sacred and powerful Vodou ingredients, materials and rituals to assure success. Our Vodou “Pwen for Protection” works best with our “Ben Divin” Custom Vodou Uncrossing Bath to remove any harmful or destructive influences, entities or spiritual work first for maximum protection.

YOU MUST ALLOW 7-21 BUSINESS DAYS TO PREPARE THIS VODOU BATH – NO EXCEPTIONS!  We will notify you when we ship your custom Vodou Bath, Vodou Pwen or Vodou Guard.  This Vodou spell and Vodou bath is a perfect supplement to our powerful Voodoo Spells & Voodoo Rituals performed for you!

Upon ordering your Custom Vodou Pwen for Protection, you must email with your details and photo.