Voodoo Dolls ~ Ghede Voodoo Ouanga Dolls




Voodoo Dolls, Voodoo Ouanga Dolls and Authentic Voodoo Dolls for the Rulers of the Cemetery, Transitions & Transformations!  The Ghede are very powerful Lwas as they rule transitions of life & death and often considered the patron Lwas of New Orleans. They are the equivalent to the “dead” as Papa Legba is to the living; guarding the crossroads of this world to the underworld. Baron Samedi and his wife ManMan Bridgette are very helpful in many magical rituals, especially rituals involving children of whom they are fierce protectors, major life transitions, life transformations, healing & bringing money quickly! Baron Samedi is known to be very wise & honest in his responses to those seeking his help and ManMan Bridgette rules all justice, court cases and the great litigator of the pantheon as well!

This exquisite Voodoo Ouanga Doll is dressed in black, purple and white fabrics, crafted with a unique, hand-sculpted & hand-painted body and face, adorned with sacred fetishes & semi-precious gemstones, then ritualized and consecrated for the rulers of all transitions.

To use these Voodoo Ouanga Dolls, light a purple or black candle to the Ghede and tell them your wishes in a sacred space. The Ghede is often honored with white rum, Pall Mall cigarettes, money and sunglasses. Arrives self-standing, with detailed labeling and approximately 8″ tall.