Vodou Spells & Vodou Pwens ~ Stop Slander & Gossip Vodou Pwen (Pen Kontra Tripotay)

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Voodoo Spells, Vodou Spells, Vodou Baths, Vodou Pwens & Custom Vodou Baths ~ Magic Vodou Pwen to Stop Gossip Haitian Vodou Spells & Stop Slander Vodou Pwens! For those who are the target of nasty, malicious, jealous and petty people, whom have nothing to do all day but sabotage, undermine and talk trash about you, or if you are the victim of an obsessed Gossip-monger who doesn’t stop talking about you around town, this Custom Stop Gossip Pwen will quickly shut their mouth.

The Pwen “Kontra Tripotay” is very effective in legal cases of slander, injury to your business or employment due to gossip especially when used in tandem with other Uncrossing or Banishing Vodou Spells & Rituals.

These powerful Vodou Stop Gossip & Slander Pwens are actually one of our Hougan’s favorite Pwens as he states, “Anna, I love the Pwen “Kontra Tripotay” & I love making this Pwen… simple, compact, and packs a HUGE bite!” Enough said! We strongly advise having the “Ben Divin Kontra Maldjok” Custom Vodou Bath performed first, to remove any harmful or destructive influences, energies or spiritual work first for maximum effectiveness.

YOU MUST ALLOW 7-21 BUSINESS DAYS TO PREPARE THIS VODOU BATH – NO EXCEPTIONS!  We will notify you when we ship your custom Vodou Bath, Vodou Pwen or Vodou Guard.  This Vodou spell and Vodou bath is a perfect supplement to our powerful Voodoo Spells & Voodoo Rituals performed for you!

Upon ordering your Custom Vodou Pwen to Stop Gossip & Slander, you must email with your details & photo, and the details & photo of the person slandering you if possible.