Voodoo Spells and Uncrossing Voodoo Spells ~ “Repousi” Rare Vodou Powder ~ POWDER ONLY!!




Voodoo Spells, Rare Voodoo Spells Powder and Powerful Vodou Powders for Voodoo Spells, Uncrossing Spells & Anti-Hex Voodoo Spells!  Repousi is a rare and powerful uncrossing and anti-hex powder used in all uncrossing Voodoo spells, anti-hex Voodoo spells, remove spiritual attack rituals. Use this rare Voodoo powder for removing the evil eye, spiritual attacks or banishing bad luck Voodoo spells and rituals; works best with Lese Mantò or Voltije Baye Voodoo Spells and Ritual Kits.  1oz. POWDER ONLY!!

These Voodoo Spells and Rare Voodoo Spells Powders DO NOT COME WITH INSTRUCTIONS!  If you do not know how to use these Voodoo items, please order one of our Powerful 9 Day Voodoo Spells or our Love Spells & Voodoo Spells Ritual Performed for You!