Room Sprays & Linen Mists ~ “Rare Orchid and Amber” Room Sprays ~ for Peace ~ In-Store Only!




Room Sprays ~ Linen Mists ~ Handcrafted Aromatic Room Sprays ~ Natural Linen Mists ~ Aromatherapy Room Sprays ~ Aromatic Linen Mists from the Magical Voodoo Garden!  This exotic and elegantly scented Room Spray and Linen Mist brings forth peaceful and balancing energies!  This aromatic room spray is perfect for those who experience stress, restlessness or anxiety as Orchid and Amber are renowned for their soothing and harmonious properties.

Our Room Sprays and Linen Mists are the perfect magical supplement to any of our aromatic Perfume Oils, Goats Milk Soaps and Spiritual Bath Rituals!  They arrive in a 4oz. spray bottle with color foil labeling.