Voodoo Jewelry & Veve Dogtags ~ “Papa Legba” Diamond Engraved Voodoo Veve Jewelry

$35.00 $33.00



Voodoo Spells, Voodoo Magic ~ Voodoo Veve Dogtag Jewelry! Papa Legba Voodoo Spirit Jewelry for Road Opening ~ Prosperity ~ Success!  This gorgeous diamond engraved solid, 2mm thick, Voodoo God Dog-Tag represents the most powerful Lwa of all ~ Papa Legba ~ The Divine Messenger & Road Opener! Papa Legba opens all roads of communications and opens all doors of opportunity for wealth, prosperity & success!

Papa Legba is known to turn the wheel of fortune in your favor, clear obstacles from your path and place you on your best, most correct path when stuck at those proverbial crossroads. Wear this Voodoo Dog-Tag whenever you need Papa Legba’s divine intervention to open the roads for you! This is the perfect magical supplement to any of our powerful Voodoo Spells or Voodoo Spells & Rituals Performed for You!