New Orleans Voodoo Dolls ~ Papa Legba Voodoo Dolls





Voodoo Dolls and New Orleans Voodoo Dolls, Magical Voodoo Dolls and Authentic New Orleans Voodoo Dolls!  The most powerful Lwa as Papa Legba opens and closes all doors from this world to the spirit world. Without working with him first, you cannot access the other Lwa for help. He can open roads of opportunity, turn the wheel of fortune in your favor and remove obstacles from your path! This authentic Voodoo doll arrives complete with a hand-carved & painted clay-face, special fetishes and symbols for Legba! My Papa Legba personally loves coconut candy, rum, cigars, coffee, anything shiny or sweet – come to think of it, his “treat” list is endless actually! Primary colors: red & black – Legba Voodoo Dolls are approximately 8″ tall.