Voodoo Dolls ~ Ogoun Voodoo Ouanga Dolls





Voodoo Dolls, Voodoo Ouanga Dolls and Authentic Voodoo Dolls for the Great Protective Warrior!  A very helpful Lwa as he removes the obstacles out of your way, takes care of serious problems, protects your prosperity, guards you from harm & has tremendous healing capabilities! Ogoun is the great general who rules iron, metals, tools, weapons, machinery & a very masculine spirit.

This exquisite Voodoo Ouanga Doll is dressed in green and black fabrics, crafted with a unique, hand-sculpted & hand-painted body and face, adorned with sacred fetishes & semi-precious gemstones, then ritualized and consecrated for the Great Warrior.

To use these Voodoo Ouanga Dolls, light a green or black candle for Ogoun and tell him your wishes in a sacred space. Ogoun is often honored with rum, cigars, metal tools, green and black candles! Arrives self-standing, with detailed labeling and approximately 8″ tall.