Jumbo Altar Candles ~ “Ogoun” for Banishing & Protection Voodoo Spells





Voodoo Spells and Voodoo Rituals ~ Altar Candles of the Lwa for Voodoo Love Spells, Healing Spells, Wealth Spells, Voodoo Magic Spells & Rituals!  Magical aromatherapy Palm, Bees or Soy wax voodoo Altar Candles of the Lwa for Banishing & Protection! Masculine & powerful 100% pure essential and natural essence oils of African Musk, Haitian Vetiver & Bay Rum Oils, enhanced by deep green natural colorants represent this powerful warrior!

Ogoun removes the obstacles out of your way, takes care of problems, protects your prosperity, guards you from harm & has tremendous healing capabilities! If you are experiencing a difficult time in your life, this is the Lwa to call upon. Our Voodoo Altar Candles of the Lwa are the perfect magical supplement for our Voodoo Spells Kits, Voodoo Altar Candle Rituals, Magical Voodoo Dolls and Powerful Voodoo Spells & Rituals!  Large, solid 14 oz. Pillar Altar candle round or square & vibrant magical label.