New Orleans Voodoo Dolls ~ Ghede Voodoo Dolls




Voodoo Dolls and New Orleans Voodoo Dolls, Magical Voodoo Dolls and Authentic New Orleans Voodoo Dolls!  Combined with her husband, Baron Samedi, Manman Bridgette is very powerful as she also rules the Ghede, transitions of life and death, major life transitions and a fierce protector of children. She is also revered as the great litigator of the pantheon as well, so call upon ManMan Bridgette for justice, court cases, law & litigation! ManMan Bridgette is known to be very wise, fair & fast acting with those seeking her help!  This Voodoo Doll arrives complete with a hand-carved clay-face, veil, special fetishes and symbols for ManMan Bridgette! Primary colors: purple & black, ManMan Bridgette Voodoo Dolls are approximately 8″ tall.