Witchcraft Spells & Magical Baths ~ “Banish & Reverse” Witchcraft Banishing Spells & Ritual Bath



Witchcraft Spells, Witchcraft Magic Spells ~ “Banish & Reverse” Witchcraft Magical Bath Rituals!  Inanna, the Ancient Sumerian Goddess of Life. Inanna is often regarded as the Queen of Heaven, source of the Earth’s life blood, the giver life and the great destroyer if need be. Call upon Inanna to remove, reverse, banish and purify difficult or negative situations in your life with this magical ritualized Witchcraft bath kit, complete with perfume anointing oils and hand blended bath salts made with the finest Sandalwood and Olibanum pure essential oils.

Instructions for this Magical Witchcraft Bath are posted in the main Witchcraft Magical Baths page ~ please refer to them as needed when using this magical bath ritual!  IN STORE ONLY AS AVAILABLE!

This bath ritual is in honor to this great goddess mother Inanna for the purpose of banishing and reversing difficult situations. Queen of Heaven and Earth and the Great Mother, Inanna rids us of negativity and feeds us with new life and energy and is the perfect magical supplement to your Witchcraft Spells & Rituals Casted by our Witchcraft Priestess!