Voodoo Dolls ~ Elegba “Love & Passion” Voodoo Fetish Dolls ~ In-Store Exclusive Only!



Voodoo Dolls and Voodoo Elegba Dolls and Magical Voodoo Fetish Dolls!  Known for his very sensual qualities, let this Elegba Voodoo doll help you in all matters of love.  Romance, Passion, Lust, Reuniting are all within your reach with this powerful Elegba Voodoo fetish.

Housed in hand-baked clay, he brings the power of authentic ritual herbs and fetishes necessary to bring your needs into reality. Our magical Voodoo Elegba Dolls and Love & Passion Fetish Dolls arrive with detailed labeling, approximately 2.5″ high and self-standing. Handcrafted exclusively for Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo! This is a perfect addition to your Voodoo Dolls and Magical Fetishes collection!

In-Store Exclusive ~ Not Available on Website!!!