Vodou Spells & Vodou Baths ~ Cleanse & Uncross “Evil Eyes” Vodou Bath Ritual (Ben Divin Kontra Maldjok)

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Voodoo Spells, Vodou Spells, Vodou Baths, Vodou Pwens & Custom Vodou Baths ~ Uncrossing Vodou Bath for Uncrossing Vodou Spells & Cleansing “Evil Eyes” Vodou Rituals!  This powerful Haitian Vodou Bath is prepared specifically for those who are suffering from over-exposure, too much negative attention, or watched by too many “eyes.”  This can occur for those in working media, the press, high profile cases, entertainers and performance artists.

This powerful “Ben Divin Kontra Maldjok” Vodou Bath treats those suffering from “over-exposure,” a condition that Vodou understands as Je (literally, “eye”), wherein a person is pushed into imbalance due to having too much attention focused on them. This condition CAN BE damaging, especially when it persists. Often clients report symptoms including physical aches, tension, fatigue, malaise, sleep disruptions, change in appetite, headaches, mood swings or, in some cases, serious mental health issues when suffering from too many “Eyes” upon them & over-exposure.

Without treating this over-exposure imbalance, the level of intensity can increase and turn into serious ill intentions and negative attention from others, also known as the “Evil-Eye” or “Maldjok” in the Vodou tradition. Cleanse and uncross any over-exposure, Evil Eyes and their damaging affects with our “Ben Divin Kontra Maldjok” Vodou Bath.

YOU MUST ALLOW 7-21 BUSINESS DAYS TO PREPARE THIS VODOU BATH – NO EXCEPTIONS!  We will notify you when we ship your custom Vodou Bath, Vodou Pwen or Vodou Guard.  This Vodou spell and Vodou bath is a perfect supplement to our powerful Voodoo Spells & Voodoo Rituals performed for you!

Upon ordering your Custom Vodou Cleansing & Uncrossing Ritual Bath, you must email with your details and photo.