Witchcraft Spells & Magical Baths ~ “Peace & Healing” Witchcraft Spells & Bath Ritual




Witchcraft Spells, Witchcraft Magic Spells ~ “Peace & Healing” Witchcraft Magical Bath Rituals!   The Triple Goddess Brighid is of Celtic origin and renowned for her powerful healing and magical abilities.  Work with Brighid to assist with health, healing, calming and balance with this magical Witchcraft ritualized bath kit, complete with handcrafted perfume anointing oils and hand blended bath salts made with Lavender and Vetiver pure essential oils.

Instructions for this Magical Witchcraft Bath are posted in the main Witchcraft Magical Baths page ~ please refer to them as needed when using this magical bath ritual!  IN STORE ONLY AS AVAILABLE!

An interesting side note, lore has it that she is the same “Brighid” Baron Samedi in the Vodou tradition fell in love with and took as his wife, known as Manman Brigid as all Vodouisants know her!  This bath ritual was crafted in honor of Brighid, for peace, healing and balance as she has been associated with health, healing and transformation throughout numerous traditions since ancient times and is the perfect magical supplement to your Witchcraft Spells & Rituals Casted by our Witchcraft Priestess!