Haitian Vodou Spells, Vodou Baths & Vodou Rituals

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Haitian Vodou Rituals, Vodou Baths & Vodou Pwens, Haitian Vodou Spells & Powerful Vodou Ritual Baths at Erzulie’s!  Bonzanfe Bon Oungan is one of the most renowned, experienced & sought after Vodou Priests, and offering these Vodou services after the passing of the legendary Hougan Aboudja, one of his dearest friends, cherished colleagues and Vodou influences.

These custom Vodou Ritual Baths, Haitian Vodou Spells and Vodou Pwens are offered exclusively at Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo! These Vodou services are rarely available to the public outside Haitian Vodou temples and intended for those in SERIOUS need or experiencing SERIOUS spiritual attacks, interference, extensive trouble and danger in their lives.

This is your opportunity to have rare Haitian Vodou Magical Pwens, Powerful Vodou Guards, Vodou Ritual Baths, Vodou Spells and Haitian spiritual services prepared and handcrafted for you, by one of the most devoted Hougan Asogwe’s that we have ever encountered and indeed, we are privileged & honored to offer YOU these Powerful Vodou Rituals!

All of these Vodou Baths, Vodou Rituals, Vodou Pwens and Vodou Guards will address the following areas depending upon the order placed, so please be prepared to email webmistress@erzulies.com upon ordering:

Brief Description of Nature of Issue
Birth Name & Married Name (including nicknames)
Birth Dates
History of Issue (length of time)
Spiritual Root of Issue (whether it be a Spirit or the “Dead” sent to harm you – if known)
Spirits You Picked Up Directly or Attached To You 3rd Party (for those who step into places or work with Spirits they shouldn’t ~ if known)
Areas of Protection (from/for What & from/for Whom)

All of  Erzulie’s Vodou Baths, Vodou Rituals, Vodou Pwens & Vodou Spells are prepared under the strictest, most orthodox Haitian Vodou traditional methods and require a minimum of  7-21 days to handcraft, ritualize and consecrate – NO EXCEPTIONS!!! We will notify you when your item is shipping from Erzulie’s! All of your information and details are kept strictly confidential and shipped in discreet packaging!

If you have other needs or require any Vodou service not showcased here, Custom Vodou Rituals & Haitian Vodou Services are available including: Larger (Big) Pwens, Haitian Vodou Spirit in A Bottle, Legal & Court Case Rituals, Revenge Vodou Rituals, Reversing Rituals, Powerful Vodou Guards for many needs, and in-store ritual services by appointment! All Custom Vodou Rituals, Vodou Baths, Vodou Pwens require a consultation beforehand to discuss your details ~ NO EXCEPTIONS ~ so please click here to order yours now.

Before ordering any magical product, we strongly advise you READ THE FAQ section!

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