Spiritual Services & Custom Spiritual Baths

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Spiritual Consultations, Spiritual Services, Custom Spiritual Baths & Spiritual Divination Services!  Often, as we travel throughout life we collect or accumulate negative energies, influences or experiences which cloud our thoughts, decisions and perceptions. This negative “fos” or “ache” (life force) affects every aspect of our lives and often prevents us from feeling safe, balanced, positive, agreeable, calm and peaceful.

In order to determine the root of the spiritual issues, we offer these spiritual consultation services to discuss your private situation one-on-one with highly experienced Vodou Practitioners and the custom spiritual baths or Voodoo Spells & Voodoo Rituals to assist in remedying your troubles and realigning your path in a much more positive and beneficial direction.

If you are experiencing the following situations, Erzulie’s spiritual services may be the first step in putting your life back in balance:

  • Your life seems to be heading in despair or unraveling
  • You are having trouble coping with everything
  • You are not feeling strong enough to effectively handle every day challenges
  • Your relationships are becoming more volatile and negative
  • Your level of self-doubt and anxiety is increasing
  • You are having troubles sleeping, eating, focusing, etc.
  • You are unable to feel comfortable with yourself or your environment
  • You are experiencing great difficulty in any attempt you make to better your life

Ancient cultures and traditions revered the power of cleansing and healing rituals for the effective spiritual and emotional alignment they provide. In the Vodou religion, cleansing away these negative and damaging energies from your body, mind and soul will allow more inner peace, clarity, balance, renewal, rejuvenation, positive energy and changes into your life.

At Erzulie’s, we take your spiritual services very seriously and want to create the most powerful and memorable experience, therefore, all of our Spiritual Cleansing, Healing, Custom Spiritual Baths and Consultation Services are performed or prepared privately and discussed by phone, online or in-store, by caring, initiated Vodou practitioners with many other unique amenities included during your time with us.  All information during your spiritual consultation is kept strictly confidential.