Haitian Vodou Bath & Vodou Spiritual Baths

Vodou Spiritual Baths, Vodou Baths & Floor Washes, Vodou Ritual Baths and Floor Washes, Magical Vodou Bath Washes ~ Authentic Vodou Spiritual Baths & Vodou Floor Washes exclusively at Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo!

Vodou Baths, Vodou Spiritual Baths, Vodou Floor Washes, Vodou Ritual Baths and Vodou Bath Washes for spiritual healing, spiritual cleansing, love drawing & prosperity, reversing and protection!  We are proud to present this line of authentic Vodou magical baths & floor washes, handcrafted for Erzulie’s exclusively by one of our favorite Vodou practitioners, Mambo Michele, an initiated Haitian priestess and an amazing psychic who frequently works out of our store to service our clients!   As with everything at Erzulie’s, these powerful Vodou Bath & Floor Washes are hand-blended, using only the finest roots, herbs, oils & ingredients, then blessed and consecrated during Haitian Vodou rituals to insure successful results.  Use these multi-purpose powerful Vodou bath washes for yourself or to cleanse your home.

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