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Haitian Vodou Bath & Vodou Spiritual Baths

Vodou Spiritual Baths, Spiritual Baths, Vodou Baths, Herbal Vodou Bath Washes, Ritual Bath Washes & Magical Herbal Vodou Bath Washes ~ Authentic Vodou Spiritual Baths & Vodou Bath Rituals exclusively at Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo!

Vodou Baths, Vodou Spiritual Baths, Vodou Bath Washes, Vodou Ritual Baths, Herbal Ritual Vodou Bath Washes for spiritual healing, spiritual cleansing, love drawing & prosperity, reversing and protection!  We are proud to present this line of authentic Vodou magical baths & washes, handcrafted for Erzulie’s exclusively by one of our favorite Vodou practitioners, Mambo Michele! An initiated Haitian priestess and an amazing psychic who frequently works out of our store to service our clients!

Since the beginning of time, spiritual bath rituals have been a large part of every faith because of the incredible healing and medicinal benefits they provide for the mind, body and spirit. Ancient paths revere spiritual baths as the key to wellness and enlightenment. One of the many reasons of course is primarily, water is sacred to all traditions, it calms your mind, heightens your consciousness, spiritually cleanses and allows uninterrupted time to meditate and focus on the current issues in your life.

As with everything at Erzulie’s, these powerful Vodou Bath Washes are hand-blended, using only the finest roots, herbs, oils & ingredients, then blessed and consecrated during Haitian Vodou rituals to insure successful results!

For those who are seeking customized Vodou Bath Washes, Mambo Michele is available to prepare a powerful Vodou Ritual Bath tailored and ritualized for your personal situation, please see our Custom Spiritual Bath section.

You will find Mambo Michele’s Vodou Ritual Bath Washes relaxing, calming, soothing, rejuvenating, healing and luxurious while bringing the desired magical qualities into your life.

Before ordering any magical product, we strongly advise you READ THE FAQ section!