Sacred Voodoo Jewelry ~ Voodoo Spirit Bracelets

Voodoo Spirit Jewelry & Bracelets of the Lwa ~ Sacred Voodoo Jewelry & Spiritual Jewelry ~ Voodoo Spirit Gemstone Bracelets, Magical Gemstone Amulets & Magical Voodoo Jewelry!
Exclusively at Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo

Voodoo Spells and Voodoo Magic ~ Sacred Voodoo Jewelry and Precious Gemstone Jewelry!  Authentic Voodoo Ritual & Spiritual Jewelry, Voodoo Sacred Charms and Magical Voodoo Amulets! These exquisite, ritualized Voodoo spirit Lwa Bracelets are handcrafted by highly skilled practitioners of over 30 years, with an artistic vision in creating magical jewelry, exclusively for Erzulie’s to capture the essence of each Lwa (Voodoo Spirit)with a specialty in the magical purposes of precious gemstones. The use of magical charms, amulets, necklaces and bracelets are part of every ancient tradition, magical ritual and spiritual path.

When initiating into any Voodoo tradition or African based (Diaspora) religion, you typically receive your “Elekes” or “Kolyes,” these are the sacred, hand-beaded necklaces, charms, bracelets and amulets given to initiates after period of ceremonies and personal sacrifices to honor the spirits. These are given at the conclusion of the initiation period to insure a strong spiritual connection to the Divine. These exquisite pieces of jewelry are NOT MEANT to replace traditional initiatory beads, these are crafted to honor the Lwa and provide a sacred focal tool for you to connect to their energy.

We have taken this ancient spiritual concept and created these lines of beautiful, Voodoo Spirit Bracelets and Voodoo Spirit Necklaces for those who wish to draw upon the spiritual power of the Lwa (Voodoo Spirits).

A little more on how these powerful Voodoo spiritual bracelets, necklaces, charms and amulets are handcrafted, ritualized and consecrated:

  • Every one of Erzulie’s Voodoo Spirit Necklaces and Voodoo Spirit Bracelets are individually hand-crafted using silver and gold findings, hand-blown, fire polished Czechoslovakian glass beads, hand-cut crystals and exotic semi-precious gemstones, hand-beaded on reinforced jewelers mono-filament with sterling silver or gold clasps to insure durability anytime you wear our spiritual jewelry.
  • All of Erzulie’s ritual jewelry is individually hand-crafted with a unique and magical blend of carefully selected gemstones based upon the spiritual powers, colors, energies and feel of the Divine Voodoo Spirits.
  • After these are completed, each Voodoo Spirit Bracelets or Voodoo Spirit Necklaces, are then ritualized and consecrated using prayer, sacred herbs, offerings and incense to infuse my spiritual jewelry with the powerful energies of the Divine Voodoo Spirits!


We at sincerely hope you find these exquisite Voodoo Spirit Bracelets and Voodoo Spirit Necklaces to bring you to the spiritual power, connection and the Divine assistance you are seeking!

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