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Voodoo Spells and Rare Vodou Powder Spells ~ Voodoo Love Spells & Vodou Powders ~ Rare Vodou Spells & Ritual Powders ~ Rare Voodoo Powders for Love Spells, Wealth Spells, Break-Up Spells, Banishing Voodoo Spells & More

Rare Voodoo Spells ~ “Poud Rare du Vodou et Rituel” Handcrafted Exclusively at Erzulie’s by The Root Queen

Voodoo Spells, Rare Voodoo Spells, Vodou Spells & Ritual Powders, Haitian Vodou Rare Spells and Powders for Voodoo Spells and Rituals! For rare and powerful Haitian Vodou Spells, Haitian Vodou Powders & Powerful Haitian Vodou Ritual Kits welcome to our new “Poud Rare du Vodou et Rituel” section! These rare and obscure powders are traditionally used by Mambos and Hougans for intense and authentic Love Spells, Return Your Lover Spells, Break Up Spells, Uncrossing Spells, Binding Spells, Commanding Spells & many other Haitian Vodou Spells and Rituals!

Erzulie’s is thrilled to launch this powerful line of rare & obscure, handcrafted, authentic Haitian Vodou Spells & Ritual Kits! Each of these coveted and fiercely guarded Vodou powders in Erzulie’s Haitian Vodou Spells & Rituals Kits below are handcrafted by renowned Mambos & Hougans (Priests & Priestesses of Vodou), using only the most authentic, powerful Haitian herbs, Vodou Powders, Vodou formulary and pure essential Vodou anointing oils. THESE DO NOT COME WITH INSTRUCTIONS ~ THESE ARE FOR PEOPLE WHOM PREFER TO CREATE THEIR OWN RITUALS & USE THESE RITUAL TOOLS AS THEY NEED OR WISH TO ~ IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF HOW TO USE THESE ITEMS ORDER THE 9 DAY VOODOO SPELL KITS OR ORDER THE VOODOO RITUALS PERFORMED FOR YOU BY ONE OF OUR EXPERTS!

These are not mass produced ~ These are handcrafted by Haitian Mambos & Hougans ~ They are not offered anywhere else ~ These rare powders cannot be made by anyone except experienced Mambos & Hougans ~ They do not arrive with instructions! These Powerful Haitian Vodou Spells include the ingredients to create Powerful Love Spells, Come to Me Spells, Binding Spells, Uncrossing Spells, Break-Up Spells, Road Opening Spells, Wealth Spells, Anti-Hexing Spells & more using rare Haitian Vodou hand-pressed powders, Vodou formulary & coveted secrets of the Vodou. Since only highly experienced Mambos & Hougans receive this knowledge, you would normally only be exposed to these items if in formal Vodou Ritual or Ceremony due to the power these magical items possess. Until now of course…

Erzulie’s Exclusive “Poud Rare du Vodou et Rituel” are ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE & prepared individually upon order by The Root Queen personally. They DO NOT COME WITH INSTRUCTIONS; most people using these items typically have their own method and technique for spells or magical works. Vodou Powders, Powerful Oils & Candles can be used in an endless amount of ways from anointing items, to dropping on or around an area, or crafting Pwen & Gris-Gris bags to dusting on photos, etc. Click here to read a general article on using powders and oils.

If you are not sure how to work these items, order one of our Vodou Spells & Rituals to be performed for you OR our Powerful 9–day Voodoo Spells with Detailed instructions!

Erzulie’s offers 12 of the rarest, most coveted Haitian Vodou Spells & Rituals Kits grouped into the following 4 Categories below for your convenience:

  • Break Up Spells ~ Domination Spells ~ Commanding Spells ~ Controlling Spells
  • Wealth Spells ~ Road Opening Spells ~ Prosperity Spells ~ Luck Spells
  • Return Your Lover Spells ~ Come to Me Spells ~ Love Spells ~ Attraction Spells
  • Uncrossing/Unhexing Spells ~ Evil Eye Spells ~ Banishing Spells ~ Court Spells

Erzulie’s offers more rare and obscure Haitian Vodou powders as well for custom clients, including, but not limited to: the famed Zo Devan, Vou Vap, Marè Djol, Atiranz, Bon Fet, Charme, Poud Blè just to name a few; please email webmistress@erzulies.com to discuss your needs.

We sincerely hope you love these rare and powerful Haitian Vodou Spells & Ritual Kits offered exclusively at Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo!

Before ordering any magical Voodoo product, we strongly advise you READ THE FAQ section!

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