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Voodoo T-Shirts and Ladies Couture Tees ~ New Orleans Voodoo Tees & Voodoo Couture Shirts ~ Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo Shop T-Shirts

Limited Edition Erzulie’s Voodoo Couture T-Shirts Featuring Erzulie’s “Campaign of the Muses”

Erzulie’s Exclusive Limited Edition Couture Vodou T-Shirt! Erzulie’s is THRILLED to present our NEW LINE of stunning Voodoo Couture Tee Shirts for Spring of 2012! These Limited Edition Voodoo Couture Tees are modeled by our very favorite “Muses” on the planet. We are so honored to showcase these beautiful Muses for the 2012 Erzulie’s Voodoo Couture Tees Campaign! Learn more about these incredible women and Erzulie’s Voodoo Couture T-shirt by viewing images and details below!

Voodoo Shop Tshirts at Erzulie's New Orleans Voodoo Store ~ Limited Edition Voodoo Tshirts Ms. Tiina Teal, whom you all know as the “face” of Erzulie’s couture T-Shirt campaign for 2010-2011, is the legendary lead Metal Vocalist for Détente, and numerous other rockin’ projects in Hollywood! Tiina Teal is by far, one of the most amazing lead singers of her genre and definitely a favorite at Erzulie’s …check this fierce lady out at www.TiinaTeal.com!

Voodoo Shop Tshirts at Erzulie's New Orleans Voodoo Store ~ Limited Edition Voodoo Tshirts

Ms. Erica McLean, Hustler pin-up girl, sex symbol, renowned film producer and director! Check out Erica’s latest award-winning project “The Flying Pink Pig” with music by Snoop Dog, and her other erotic film projects by visiting this beautiful & amazing lady at www.EricaMcLean.com!

Voodoo Tshirts New Orleans Voodoo TShirts Ms. Jacqueline Van Bierk, renowned lead singer & songwriter for Hollywood’s famed band, Otto’s Daughter! Jacqueline is amazing to watch in a live concert and wrote one of our very favorite songs of all time “Beauty Fool,” which we play in the store constantly! Quite simply, Jacqueline rocks!

Voodoo Shop Tshirts at Erzulie's New Orleans Voodoo Store ~ Limited Edition Voodoo Tshirts Ms. Leiana, the amazing singer and songwriter for the her own Punk/Rock/Alternative band “Leiana!” Leiana is renowned for her distinctive voice, powerful lyrics and incredible stage presence! Check out her latest album and her most famous tracks at www.LeianaMusic.com

About the Muses in Erzulie’s Voodoo Tees Campaign by the Root Queen

People always ask me when visiting the stores, why I work with the images and the people I do in these campaigns for Erzulie’s. The simple truth is that I prefer work with anything and anyone that inspires me! I selected these amazing women for the 2012 Voodoo Couture Tees Campaign because they are pursuing what speaks to their soul, despite all the obstacles, frustrations, losses and the millions of reasons not to. They are mothers, wives, sisters and friends…they have loved, lost, failed, succeeded, and picked up the pieces over and over again. They faced the same amount of challenges, betrayals and heartbreaks, just like the rest of us, and yet, still pursue their dreams each and every day. These “Muses” kept an unshakable belief in their art, their vision and themselves to surmount everything, and became renowned artists in their musical or production genres. We are honored they agreed to showcase themselves wearing Erzulie’s Voodoo Tees! They exemplify how spirit weaves the fabrics of our lives, the twists and turns of fate, and how the Divine manifests both miracles and lessons. To me, they reflect each of us, they reflect the mysteries of life, keeping faith and staying true to your path…simply put: they reflect the Vodou…

About Erzulie’s Voodoo Couture T-Shirts

Just like last season’s Voodoo Couture Tees, these are also hand-designed by the Root Queen How Divine! These Limited Edition Vodou T-shirt are crafted with hand-combed cotton, artistically blended with a couture “burn-out” semi-sheer texture throughout both sides, cap sleeves, a deep v-neck front and a sexy form fitting “Bella” cut that looks incredibly hot on all women ~ especially the curvy ones! Oooh-La-La! We truly hope you love wearing these Limited Edition Vodou Couture T-shirts at Erzulie’s!

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