Voodoo Dolls & Voodoo Ouanga Dolls

Voodoo Dolls and Voodoo Ouanga Dolls! Ritualized Voodoo Dolls & Voodoo Ouanga Dolls of the Lwa! Powerful Voodoo Dolls, Ouanga Voodoo Dolls & Authentic Voodoo Ouanga Dolls!

Designed & Created exclusively for Erzulie’s by The Root Queen herself!

Voodoo_Dolls_Magical_Voodoo_Dolls_Voodoo_Ouanga_DollsVoodoo Dolls & Magical Voodoo Dolls! Authentic Voodoo Ouanga (Wanga) Dolls! These gorgeous, handcrafted powerful Voodoo Ouanga Dolls are the exclusive design of The Root Queen herself, combining the concepts of a Fetish Wanga and Authentic Voodoo Dolls and cleverly handcrafted by our favorite Vodou practitioners!

These powerful Voodoo Ouanga Dolls are much like all of our Authentic Voodoo Dolls, in the sense of being a powerful instrument for invoking Spirit, a focus of energy or nexus of the ancient spirit itself which must be carefully handcrafted by a highly skilled practitioner in order to draw upon the power of these divine energies.

These sacred Ouanga Voodoo Dolls and Ouanga Voodoo Dolls of the Lwa are a conduit to the spirit in which it was crafted in honor of, to be used as both a scared amulet and powerful talisman. These sacred Ouanga Voodoo Dolls are not like “Hollywood” dolls; you do not use these sacred Voodoo Dolls to harm others or “stick” pins into the Voodoo doll, they are exquisitely handcrafted to enhance your personal connection to the Divine Voodoo Spirits.

Like with all authentic Voodoo Spirit Dolls, Fetish Wangas and Voodoo Ouanga Dolls, Voodoo fetishes, amulets and magical talismans, these exquisite Voodoo Ouanga Dolls are carefully hand sculpted using natural clays, hand-painted in breathtaking metallic colors of the Lwa and hand-stitched with the finest designer fabrics available, then they are hand-stuffed with sacred roots, herbs, stones, feathers, precious oils and powerful fetishes sacred to the Voodoo Spirits.

To complete the beauty of these gorgeous Voodoo Ouanga Dolls, semi-precious gemstones, beautiful fetishes of the Lwa, real gold and silver strands, symbols and unique adornments are wrapped around each Voodoo Ouanga Doll to create a unique personality for each Lwa.

Unique to Erzulie’s exclusive Voodoo Ouanga Dolls, they are self standing with the hand-stuffed Ouanga base built into our breathtakingly detailed representations of the Lwa. Then they are carefully ritualized and consecrated with sacred herbs, offerings, prayers and ceremony to infuse these exquisite dolls with the powerful Ache of the Lwa!

We at Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo hope you enjoy our newest addition to our Authentic Voodoo Dolls and Voodoo Fetish Wanga collection!

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