Voodoo Dolls & New Orleans Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo Dolls and New Orleans Voodoo Dolls, Handcrafted New Orleans Voodoo Dolls & Magical Voodoo Dolls ~ Handcrafted New Orleans Voodoo Dolls of the Lwa ~ Exclusively at Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo of New Orleans

Voodoo Dolls and Magical Voodoo Dolls! Exquisite New Orleans Voodoo Dolls of the Lwa, handcrafted by our favorite priestesses! These powerful Voodoo dolls are crafted like all of our authentic Voodoo Dolls, in the sense of being a powerful instrument for invoking Spirit; a focus of energy or nexus of the ancient spirit itself which must be carefully handcrafted by an initiated priest or priestess in order to draw upon the power of these divine energies.

These sacred Voodoo Dolls and New Orleans Voodoo Dolls of the Lwa are a conduit to the spirit in which it was crafted in honor of, to be used as both a scared amulet and powerful talisman. These sacred Voodoo Dolls are not like “Hollywood” dolls; you do not use these sacred Voodoo Dolls to harm others or “stick” pins into the Voodoo doll, they are exquisitely handcrafted to enhance your personal connection to the Divine Voodoo Spirits in the New Orleans Voodoo tradition.

As we often recommend:
“To use one of Erzulie’s Voodoo dolls, light a candle in the appropriate color. Write your intent neatly and clearly on a clean piece of paper and place under the candle. Place the Voodoo Dolls near the candle. Touch the Voodoo Dolls and speak to him/her. Tell him/her your wishes, desires and needs. Ask him/her to bring these needs, wishes and desires into reality. Treat your Voodoo dolls with respect and the Voodoo Dolls will answer your wishes!”

Like with all authentic Voodoo dolls, fetishes, amulets and talismans, these magical New Orleans Voodoo dolls are carefully hand-sculpted with baked clays and porcelains, each face is lovingly hand-painted and hand-stitched with the finest fabrics, semi-precious gemstones, real gold and silver strands, wrapped around sacred roots, herbs, stones, feathers, precious oils and powerful fetishes. These exquisite New Orleans Voodoo Dolls are then carefully ritualized and consecrated with sacred herbs, offerings, prayers and ceremony to infuse these exquisite dolls with the powerful “Fos” “Ache” “Ase” (all generally mean life force) of the Lwa.  Each New Orleans Voodoo Doll of the Lwa is exquisite and unique!

The New Orleans Voodoo dolls pictured are an example of what they will look like in general, they all vary due to the personalized design, fabrics, jewels, magical fetishes and handcrafted elements of each New Orleans Voodoo doll! Erzulie’s is proud to present this exquisite line of authentic New Orleans magical Voodoo dolls!

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