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Pure Absolute Oils, Pure Rose Ottos & Precious Essential Oils

Pure Absolute Essential Oils: The Collection of Rare Absolute Oils and Pure Absolute Essential Oils ~ Precious Absolute Essential Oils, Pure Lotus Absolute Oils, Pure Rose Otto, Rare Absolute Essential Oils ~ Organic Absolute Oils & Pure Essential Absolute Oils at Erzulie’s!

Absolute Oils ~ Pure Absolute Essential Oils ~ Rare Absolute Essential Oils ~ Absolute Essential Oils ~ Precious Pure Essential Oils ~ Organic Absolute Essential Oils!  Erzulie’s exclusive “Collection” of the rarest, most precious pure Absolute Oils, pure Rose Ottos, Attars, Ruhs & Pure Essential Oils available. After many inquiries from customers asking how or where they can buy the exquisite, pure essential oils used in all of our handcrafted spiritual products, Erzulie’s crafted a complete collection of our most sought after rare and precious oils.

For those who are not sure of the difference between rare and precious oils, Pure Essential Oils, Sacred Attar Precious Essential Oils or wish to learn more about the distillation techniques that separate our pure essential oils from the rest, please click here for accurate, authentic information on producing pure essential oils.

Most purported pure essential oils available on the web are cut, diluted and not in their purest or most refined form. Rarely do these sites disclose the bi-nominal, origin and methodology of oil extraction or distillation. We at Erzulie’s work directly with our master distillers to provide you with the very best information, highest quality and expert knowledge on the pure essential oils and precious oils you are purchasing.

Further, the quality of the distillation makes an enormous difference when working with Spirit; Pure Essential Oils are the “soul” of these powerful flowers and plants, the very essence of their life force, the very core of spirituality and magic!

We understand how vital these pure essential oil essences are for spiritual enlightenment, evolution and magical ritual work; therefore, Erzulie’s offers the purest, un-cut, non-diluted, extremely refined distilled selections of these sacred and rare pure essential oils.

All of our rare and precious essential oils are directly imported to Erzulie’s from master distillers and have passed the highest quality standards, gas-chromatography tested to insure exceptional quality. We stand behind our collection of Precious Essential Oils as the finest in the world.

NOTE: Due to scarcity of natural resources and demand, these precious, pure essential oils are now only offered seasonally ~ you will see the current market price when they are available to purchase. These are showcased to help provide you with examples of the precious, pure essential oils we use exclusively in all of our Spiritual Perfume Oils, Goddess Perfume Oils, Voodoo Lwa Anointing Oils, Sacred Attar Perfume Oils, Conjure Perfume Oils & Sprays and Organic Goats Milk Soaps at Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo!

Pure Essential Oils: Rare & Precious Essential Oil Collection
These are 12 of the most sought after Rare and Precious Pure Essential Oils, Absolute Oils and Rose Otto’s based upon the inquiries from our clients. All of these pure essential oils are used in the Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo, Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Hindu Magic and European Witchcraft product lines to insure a pure, unadulterated connection to the spirit world.

Further, due to the exceptional quality of these pure essential oils, they blend beautifully for any work, crafting your own spiritual blends, offerings to spirit or any spiritual products you wish to enhance.

All of our Rare and Precious Pure Essential Oils arrive in a gorgeous glass vial & brushed metal cap with detailed labeling on the binomial, volume and origin. NOTE: Federal Shipping Regulations allow transport companies to randomly open small liquid vials in shipping which may cause damage or leaking. Buyer assumes all shipping risk due to these security policies as we cannot control the parcel once it leaves our hands.