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Spiritual Consultations ~ Voodoo Spiritual Services ~ Spiritual Cleansing ~ Spiritual Readings ~ Custom Spiritual Baths ~ Voodoo Ritual Baths ~ Spiritual Divination ~ Spiritual Advice ~ Custom Ritual Baths & Spiritual Services at Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo

Spiritual Consultations, Spiritual Divination, Spiritual Guidance and Spiritual Solutions! We understand not everyone needs formal divination to gain insight with their troubles, often, people are interested in the Spiritual Rituals and Remedies to alleviate their problems and create positive change, therefore, unique to Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo, we offer this option for those who need to discuss their personal situation and explore spiritual solutions, advice and authentic Voodoo remedies.

Spiritual Consultations are also perfect for those who wish to learn more about Voodoo Spells, Voodoo Rituals, Voodoo Lwa general Voodoo Ritual inquires, one on one with highly experienced and initiated Vodou Practitioners.  For anyone asking numerous questions that are not product related, spiritual consultations offers you the time you will need to learn the answers for those pressing Vodou ritual, Vodou service, or Vodou tradition questions and gain insight into the Vodou religion by our Vodou professionals.

We respectfully request you do not call the store clerks and get into complicated details of your troubling situation, as they cannot discuss personal cases with anyone, unless it is a scheduled phone, live chat or in-store consultation.  Our Voodoo practitioners truly need time and focus to listen with full, uninterrupted attention to your particular case; therefore, it MUST BE SCHEDULED in order to provide you with the very best insight, options and solutions.

Every spiritual consultation will be conducted in private by “The Root Queen” personally or another Voodoo practitioner with extensive experience in all situations. Please email webmistress@erzulies.com upon receipt of payment to schedule your personal spiritual consultation time.  We try to schedule you in the same day as you order and always respond promptly to you scheduling inquiries.

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