Voodoo God Dog-Tags & Color Veve Jewelry

Voodoo Dog-Tags & Magical Voodoo Jewelry ~ Voodoo Spirit Jewelry ~ Precious Metal Voodoo God Jewelry ~ Voodoo Lwa Magical Jewelry ~ Magical Voodoo Veve Dog-Tags ~ Handcrafted Exclusively at Erzulie’s!

For Voodoo Spells, Voodoo Magic ~ Voodoo Veve Dogtag Jewelery ~ Erzulie’s is thrilled to launch our new line of “Precious Metal” Voodoo God Dog-tags for your magical Voodoo jewelry collection! This exclusive line is an addition to our famed Voodoo “Precious Metal & Leather Collection” Voodoo God Anointing Oils!  Showcased below are the new Voodoo God Dog-Tags for our beloved Voodoo Lwa!

Each Voodoo Lwa is depicted on these heavy, brushed silver-aluminum dog-tags complete with an brushed-silver aluminum 30″ linked chain. These stunning Voodoo dog-tags are very durable and designed to wear daily or to simply carry with you!

Erzulie’s Voodoo God “Precious Metal Dog-tag” Collection is created with a unique DOUBLE SIDED ~ VIVID COLOR, 5-color process on the face-plate of the military dog-tag and then epoxy coated for a perfect finish to vividly showcase the sacred symbols, Veves, artwork and attributes of our beloved Voodoo spirits!

The Voodoo God Dog-Tag Color Veve Jewelry are handcrafted for:

  • Papa Legba ~ The Divine Messenger and Voodoo Spirit for Road Opening & Prosperity
  • Ogoun ~ The Protective Warrior and Voodoo Spirit for Protection
  • Simbi ~The Magi and Voodoo Spirit of Prophecy & Conjure
  • Baron Samedi ~ The Ruler of the Cemetery and Voodoo Spirit of Transitions, Justice & Virility

Erzulie’s exclusive Voodoo God Dog-Tags, make perfect gifts, altar offerings or to keep in the workplace. Now you can bring the masculine energy of the Divine Voodoo Lwa with you everywhere!  Alafia from all of us at Erzulie’s!

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