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Voodoo Bling Ladies Gemstone Jewelry Dogtags

“Voodoo Bling™” Ladies Dogtags & Magical Voodoo Veve Gemstone Jewelry
Colored Gemstone & Diamond Engraved Ladies Dogtag Voodoo Spirit Jewelry ~ Precious Metal & Gemstone Ladies Voodoo Veve Jewelry
Handcrafted Exclusively at Erzulie’s!

For Voodoo Spells and Voodoo Magic, Erzulie’s is thrilled to announce the launch of our new cool Voodoo merch and “lagniappe” diamond engraved, solid nickel and titanium brushed, colored gemstone Ladies Voodoo Dogtag Veve Jewelry exclusively at Erzulie’s!

These heavy, stunning custom pieces showcase our exclusive Voodoo Veves carefully handset with gemstones on the front, and the Root Queen’s altar paintings for the Lwa on the back, both color engraved and color gemstone set to reflect the magic and power of these beautiful Voodoo Veves (symbols), with subtle elegance and style.

The “Voodoo Bling™” Diamond Engraved Gemstone Veve Dogtag Jewelry are handcrafted for:
Erzulie-Freda ~ The Voodoo Spirit for Love, Passion, Love Spells and Prosperity
Mambo LaSiren ~ The Divine Water Spirit for Calming, Cleansing, Healing and Balance

*More Lwa may be added over time so please check back seasonally.

Each Voodoo Bling™ diamond engraved, colored gemstone Voodoo Veve ladies dogtag jewelry arrives with an adjustable nickel dogtag chain so you can wear this stunning piece of jewelry however you wish! Standard dogtag size, dense/heavy 2.0 mm thickness, 30” chain included.

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