Voodoo Ritual Candles

Voodoo Ritual Candles for Voodoo Spells and Love Spells ~ Powerful Altar Candles, Skull Candles, 7 Knob Candles, Cat Candles and Voodoo Figure Candles

Authentic Voodoo Ritual Candles! For those who need ritual supply for Love Spells, Voodoo Spells, Magic Ceremonies or Spell Casting, here are some of the most powerful and effective candles to use in any magical ritual. For Voodoo Spells, Hoodoo Spells Erzulie’s Powerful Voodoo & Hoodoo Magical Altar Candles! Magical aromatherapy bees wax candles and soy wax Voodoo altar candles! Since ancient times, altar and ritual candles have been an essential part of any spiritual or magical ceremony.

Fire has always been a mystical element for all traditions; it is known to attract spirits and empower your ritual, flame provides focus for those performing rituals and adds a sacred quality to your spiritual ceremony.

Our Voodoo Ritual Candles do not come with instructions since EVERY practitioner uses them differently; if you do not know how to use magical ritual products, please click here to learn more about using ritual oils, candles, magical powders or order one of our Love Spells and Voodoo Spells Kits or have the Voodoo Spells performed for you!

Before ordering any magical product, we strongly advise you READ THE FAQ section!