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Attar Perfume Oils ~ Hindu Precious Attar Perfumes

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Erzulie’s is proud to present our exclusive line of Precious Attar Perfume Anointing Oils handcrafted for individual use with our Hindu Meditative Ritual Kits. The Hindu pantheon is one of the most ancient in the world and resonates so closely with the Vodun pantheon in prayers, rituals and divine intervention we were compelled to incorporate this powerful and mystical tradition within the Erzulie’s family of spiritual remedies.

Erzulie’s Hindu Perfume Anointing Oils are hand-blended using the finest, most precious Attars in the world, with combinations carefully selected for specific spiritual purposes.

These Precious Attar Perfume Anointing Oils are carefully designed to remove negative inner issues, emotional traumas, bring enlightenment, prosperity, love and protection through the spiritual precious Attar oils of the Hindu Tradition, which has proven very effective for thousands of years.

Each ½ oz. glass perfume anointing oil bottle is hand-blended by the Root Queen herself based upon intense study of the Hindu Religion and guidance from master Indian Attar distillers, and arrives with the rare Attar perfume oil blends, detailed gold foil labeling, information on the specific spiritual purpose and gold dome cap.

Discover the power of the Hindu tradition and bring forth the healing, balance, enlightenment, prosperity, protection and the love you desire in your life with Erzulie’s exclusive Precious Attar Perfume Anointing Oils!

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