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Hindu Meditative Ritual Kits

Hindu Meditative Ritual Kits, Meditative Hindu Rituals, Hindu Mantras and Sacred Sounds, Mala Beads & Meditative Ritual Kits!

Erzulie’s is proud to present our exclusive line of Hindu Meditative Ritual Kits. The Hindu pantheon is one of the most ancient in the world and resonates so closely with the Vodun pantheon in prayers, rituals and divine intervention we were compelled to incorporate this powerful and mystical tradition within the Erzulie’s family of spiritual remedies.

These Hindu Meditative Ritual Kits are an in-store exclusive and carefully designed to remove negative inner issues, emotional traumas, bring enlightenment, prosperity, love and protection through the meditative elements of the Hindu Tradition, which has proven very effective for thousands of years.

Focusing on the use of Sacred Sound, of which the world began, to affect powerful changes in your life, these Hindu Meditative Ritual Kits are designed around the use of sacred Mantras, Bells, Mala Beads and precious Indian Attar Perfume Anointing Oils to connect your inner spirit, alter certain Karma and heighten your consciousness to that of the divine energies in the universe.

Each of our exclusive 40 Day Hindu Meditative Ritual Kits are designed and hand-crafted by the Root Queen herself, based upon years of Hatha Yoga training, study and collaboration with Hindu tradition practitioners hand arrives with the following sacred elements:

•1 Strand of 108 Hand-carved Sandalwood Mala Beads for Daily Mantra Chanting
•The correct, sacred Mantra to affect the specific changes in your lif
•The correct, sacred Mantras phonetically spelled out for ease of use
•Properly tuned Brass Gong with Wooden Mallet to begin your meditative ritual
•40 Grams (4 packs) of Hand-Dipped Indian Resin Incense for your Hindu meditative ritual
•Exquisite bottle of Precious Anointing Perfume Oils made exclusively with sacred Indian Attars for the correct spiritual purpose as described in each Hindu Meditative Ritual Kit.
•Detailed Instructions to perform your Hindu Meditative Ritual each day
•Gorgeous Colored Box to travel with your meditative ritual kit

Discover the power of the Hindu tradition and bring forth the healing, balance, enlightenment, prosperity, protection and the love you desire in your life with Erzulie’s in-store exclusive 40-Day Hindu Meditative Ritual kits.