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Egyptian Love Spells & Love Magic

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Handcrafted Egyptian Magic Love Spells Exclusively for Erzulie’s

More about the Ancient Egyptian Expert
Powerful Egyptian Love Spells and Magic! Voodoo is such an extensive religion; even the ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddesses resonates closely with the Vodun Pantheon. Therefore, Erzulie’s is thrilled to present


This is where you’ll find the much sought after Egyptian Love Goddess Cleopatra’s “Keni” Paste, Cleopatra’s Gilded Honey Dust, exquisite, hand-Poured Ancient Egyptian Love Drawing “Mer” Altar Candle, Cleopatra’s Rose, Milk, Oat & Honey Soap & Ancient Egyptian Magical Aromatics!

Our Ancient Egyptian Love Spells & Magical products are handcrafted exclusively for Erzulie’s by an expert in Ancient Egyptian Ritual Magic, Ancient Egyptian Rare Botanicals & Ancient Egyptian Precious Essential Oils, making her one of the finest alchemists we have ever encountered.

Her knowledge of Rare & Precious oils, Ancient Egyptian Roots, Herbs and Ancient Egyptian formulary put the rest of us to shame in all honesty! We are honored to offer such supreme expertise and her exquisite, Ancient Egyptian Magical products!

Cleopatra – Love Spells & Love Magic

In honor of cleopatra, one of egypt’s most renowned women for beauty and seduction, “Heka” has created a line of perfumed bath and body items for beauty, sensuality and adornment. All are based upon and include rose, Cleopatra’s legendary flower of seduction. Heka prizes the exquisite Eastern Rose Otto used to make all of the Cleopatra love ritual body products.

Our Famed Cleopatra “Keni” Paste Collection

Cleopatra’s exquisite, seductive perfume paste! Based upon Cleopatra’s ancient formulary, “Keni” means to “embrace!” This gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, rich & velvety body paste is carefully handcrafted & hand-blended with rare and precious oils including Eastern Rose Otto, Nardus and Pure Vanilla Absolute, infused in virgin olive oil, pure jojoba and organic African Shea butter. Anoint this powerfully seductive formula on your body to entice any lover… Very long lasting!!!! The “Heka” Ancient Egyptian Magic line uses recycled and recyclable packaging and certified organic botanicals wherever possible.

These are Erzulie’s in-store exclusives…must visit us to see this seasonal collection!