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Egyptian Altar Candles

Ancient Egyptian Altar Candles, Aromatic Egyptian Altar Candles, Ancient Egyptian Altar Candles, Hand-Poured, Bees Wax & Soy Wax Aromatherapy Altar Candles!
Handcrafted Egyptian Altar Candles Exclusively for Erzulie’s
More about the Ancient Egyptian Expert
Ancient Egyptian Magic, Divination & Love Spells! Voodoo is such an extensive Religion; even the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon & Egyptian Rituals resonate closely with the Vodun Pantheon & Tradition, therefore, Erzulie’s is thrilled to present
In Ancient Egypt, the concept of magic was relegated to 3 main approaches.
• HEKA – As Divine Magic, Which Embodies The Idea Of Manifestation
• SIA – As Divine Knowledge And Embodies The Concept Of Divination
• HU – As Divine Utterance, To “Speak Or To Spell” Magical Words

Bring Ancient Egyptian Magic into your home with these powerfully fragrant, long-lasting, hand-crafted Egyptian Altar Candles.

Our Ancient Egyptian Love Spells, Magical Products & Altar Candles are handcrafted exclusively for Erzulie’s by an Expert In Ancient Egyptian Ritual Magic, Ancient Egyptian rare botanicals and Ancient Egyptian Precious Essential Oils, making her one of the finest Alchemists we have ever encountered.

Her knowledge of Rare & Precious Pure Essential Oils, Ancient Egyptian roots, herbs, flowers and Ancient Egyptian formulary put the rest of us to shame in all honesty! We are honored to offer such supreme expertise and her exquisite, Ancient Egyptian magical products!

The Heka line uses recycled and recyclable packaging and certified organic botanicals wherever possible.