Favorite Charities

Sadly, I have found that many of our current spiritual experts are so busy telling you all about how important they are, how many levels of initiations they have achieved, how many books they published or how many lectures they gave, etc. and all of which is great, but I have yet to hear them say how they really serve. How do they give back or assist with those in extremely difficult, painful and impoverished living conditions? Who steps to the plate? I would much rather hear about that than their curriculum vitae.

At Erzulie’s, we are very committed to making this world a better place as much and as often as we can. Personally, I am very protective and supportive of children, although I do not have any of my own. It is my personal belief if you help or rescue a child during their fundamental years; give them nourishment, stability, safety and comfort, they have a better chance at growing into a stable and balanced adult. I would love to see all children flourish and become strong, safe, balanced adults, although I know so many get lost through the cracks. We are honored to assist the following reputable and well organized charities and we strongly encourage you to donate if financially possible.

Many charities need supplies, time, deliveries, phone assistance and rescue services, so if you cannot donate “cash” you can certainly donate your abilities to those much less fortunate. Further, Erzulie’s is currently working on charitable programs where a percentage of certain product sales are donated toward these charities. When this is completely structured and organized, you will see the special symbols by the products which proceeds are allocated for charitable donations. All of these charities are registered, 501C nonprofit organization with outstanding reputations.

Women, Children, and Family Service Charities of America

Another stellar organization that spans nationally and internationally which focuses on creating a better world by constructively addressing gender based discrimination, domestic violence, reproductive choices, family-work conflicts, caregiver support, childhood education, hunger and health. WCFS is a coalition comprised of many of America’s finest charitable organizations dedicated to meeting the needs of women, children, and families in America and around the world. Our members provide real solutions to real problems, and act as a force for change with law and policy makers. They are members of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) which ties many credible and wonderful charities together nationwide to lobby for federal dollars and donations for very worthy charities.

Children’s Charities of America

 A superb resource center and watch dog on all the best and most credible charities for children. Children’s Charities of America is a coalition comprised of many of America’s finest charitable organizations dedicated to meeting the needs of children. Our mission is two fold: First, to heighten public awareness of children’s issues and the solutions to their problems. Second, to help our member agencies raise funds mainly through participation in workplace campaigns. Through its member organizations, CCA is striving to give children all over the world a fighting chance at a brighter tomorrow and a more fulfilling future. They provide complete listings to the best charities to help, rescue and intervene on behalf of abused, abandoned or neglected children. They are also members of Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

We are very open to learning about your favorite charity and how we may be able to assist. Please feel free to email webmistress@erzulies.com or call (504) 525-2055 or (401) 845-2055 to inform us of your worthy cause.