What is Lwa, Loa, or Orisha?

Without getting into the differences between the varying traditions, the Lwa, Loas or Orishas are the Voudou Spirits; The Invisibles; The Mysteries; simply stated: God’s messengers & helpers. We have thousands of them in the Voudou Pantheon and all of which serve different areas of human needs. Voudou is such a reciprocal religion, for the Lwa to serve you; you must sincerely serve the Lwa with your gifts, offerings, acknowledgment, prayers and faith when petitioning their assistance.

How Do Our Products Work?

This is a very common question from customers, how exactly does applying this elixir or using this fetish, etc. actually work for me? There are a few levels to this actually! First, all Authentic Voodoo or Spiritual products, the most powerful ones anyway, are hand-crafted; essentially, this is so the “ache” or “ashe” (pronounced Ah-shay – “life force”) OR “fos” (force in Kreyòl) of the practitioner is infused into each and every item during the crafting process.

Every practitioner is essentially “claimed” by certain Lwa or Spirits and through ritualizing each product after they are handcrafted, it draws the energy and spiritual power from the Lwa that either “sit on the head of the practitioner” and/or the Lwa & Spirits they are ritualizing the spiritual items for, thereby giving you the benefit of their power and assistance.

Some are spiritual energies are more intense than others and our products are known to be very high-energy and intense so don’t be thwarted by the energy you feel; that type of energy will only benefit you in your ritual.

Also, since Voodoo is an animate religion, we believe everything has Ache (a Life Force), therefore, since there are magical life forces in every thing, using the most organic elements such as roots, herbs, plants, sand, stones, water, precious oils, etc. bring forth their magical energies into your ritual or spiritual work. We know certain elements vibrate on different frequencies if you will, to affect specific changes in your life which is why authentic formulary and elements are so crucial to effective spiritual products.

Also, the quality of these ingredients and elements that go into our products make an enormous difference. We only use the finest organic herbs, roots, plants, rare and precious 100% pure essential oils, ottos, attars and absolutes, hand-pressed ritual powders, hand-brewed and hand-blended elixirs, anointing oils & potions to insure great results for you. We carefully craft each and every item by hand at Erzulie’s and every practitioner showcased on our site subscribes to that same philosophy.

Are Love Spells Manipulative?

Another touchy area among practitioners and one of great debate! Are you impeding upon someone’s free will? Are you being manipulative, etc? All I can reveal is my personal opinion on this topic, everyone is entitled to their belief and you must go with what feels true and correct for you on this topic.

The first thing I would like to address is the “manipulative” question I get from so many other practitioners of traditions other than Voodoo. They ask this question about the Bring Me Love Spell Kit & especially, the Bring My Lover Back Spell Kit. They are usually highly critical or judgmental that I offer such ritual kits, not understanding of course, the premise of which they will work. Ironically, they of course ask me all about this manipulative aspect in drawing love or repairing love while dressed head to toe in corsets with push up bras, lacy, flowing seductive dresses, full face of make-up, dyed blond hair, smelling great, shaved legs, breast augmentations, liposuction and the full glamour presentation – hmmm, that’s a bit manipulative too though isn’t it?

You are artificially looking your very best through cosmetic manipulations on every level to do what I ask????? Attract people! When I point that out to them, they usually stop with their opining on manipulative tactics as they realize they are hypocrites and being quite misleading about how they truly look, smell and how nature created their body all to look like this ideal person to attract a mate, attention or, LOVE!!!!!

So, in my opinion, I do not find love spells manipulative any more than I find trying to appear as your very best manipulative. What wrong with trying to draw a special someone into your life to spend time with? What’s wrong with wanting to give and receive love? Love Spells are terrific to help bring the right people to you, especially for those who are shy, timid, have been hurt or afraid to try again.

Nor I do not view trying to remedy a rough patch, or working out a difficult situation between 2 people who love each other as manipulative. Many times, people separate for inconsequential reasons: their egos may get in the way, they may be stubborn, afraid of these intense emotions, scared of being rejected so they leave first, etc.

If you are the recipient of such behavior with your loved one, why shouldn’t you try to repair the relationship? Ritual work is very effective in allowing a partner see what they have with you and make them open to building upon that love. I know there are those who believe it is morally wrong to try to bring back a lover; they feel it infringes upon their free will, etc.

If it does infringe upon their free will, or their Karmic path, or they are so past you in their lives, the RITUALS WILL NOT WORK ANYWAY. I say, why should we be helpless and suffer with the loss of a loved one when indeed, we have to power, through the help of the Lwa and Spirit, to try and remedy it?

Revenge Spells

Yet, another complicated topic among varying paths. I hear all the time Revenge Spells are BAD and this “law of three” rule will occur should you decide to defend yourself, etc. Again, I can only express my opinion on this topic.

I would like to start with this “Law of Three” concept. I personally do not believe in this “Law of Three” concept, especially for situations where people are TRULY trying to hurt or destroy you. From what I am to understand, your work will supposedly come back and kick you three fold for trying to protect and send back harmful, vile or evil works done against you.

I personally have never seen this in effect, nor do I believe it exists. I do believe that what you put out you will get back, especially if unjustified. I do not think protecting yourself from vile and horrid people and sending back their chaos is wrong, in fact, I adamantly believe you have the God given right to defend, protect and repel such people from your lives and this is how a Revenge Spell takes affect actually. It sends back the work and energies to the person who sent them to you in the first place. How that manifests is up to the Lwa & Spirit, but you have every right to request this be carried out to protect you, your livelihood, your children, etc.

Keep in mind, I DO NOT believe Spirit is always fixated on you, nor always catches nasty work or intentions being sent your way. Sometimes, they have to allow things for you to learn and evolve from, sometimes they need to know what is happening as well to best intervene and resolve the situation.

Essentially, sometimes people are the instrument of their own karma – if they gave unjustifiably in your mind gave harm to you, you have to right to send it back to them. I do not see any Karmic issues there in my opinion; I do know many disagree with me and that is fine too; you MUST GO WITH WHAT FEELS BEST FOR YOU!

Also, when conducting any magical ritual, you are always giving up something to affect this change and incur expense: spiritually, emotionally and possibly karmically. There IS ALWAYS a cost, it may not be seen today, you may not know where Spirit is drawing from to affect this change for you or where they may be pulling it from down the road, but there is always a spiritual cost involved for any type of work.

We always say be very careful what you wish for, not only will you get it, but you may find out the cost taken out of somewhere else in your life was too great for the outcome; you may be averted from that job opportunity because you put all of your energies into something else or you may have missed the perfect situation with a partner because you were too focused on fixing the last mate and your relationship issues, etc. These are just some conceptual examples of course on a very complicated topic of the principles of spiritual intervention.

Voodoo Spells, Rituals, & Spell Kit Tips

Although our spell kit manuals, Gris-Gris bag instructions and ritual bath kit instructions are very detailed, we still receive emails from people with more questions so we would like to address them here for your convenience. If you need more time with one of our experienced practitioners to go over the instructions, you must schedule a spiritual consultation time to go over the details of your situation personally as the stores are not able to accommodate such time consuming conversations without an appointment. Please click here to order your spiritual consultation!

  1. First, we DO NOT encourage people using 14 different Spell Kits from different places simultaneously. If you are already working with another practitioner’s products, ritual items, spell kits, etc. we really recommend you finish your work and wait for the results. You really do not want to be invoking conflicting Deities, Spirits, Lwa, etc. during your ritual work as this truly DOES NOT BENEFIT YOU. We receive so many calls from people who want to perform our ritual kits, but they are in the middle of someone else’s Wiccan, Celtic, Voodoo, etc. ritual kit – which is great, but continue with what you are working with first and then see if you need a different approach. Not everyone’s ritual work is going to work for myriad reasons but once engaged, you really need to complete the ritual to the end so you can see which path is working for you.
  2. Please READ all the instructions very carefully before conducting your rituals – read the manuals, instruction cards and web site information twice or three times if you need to – most of your questions are indeed answered in these places. Also, if there is a word you do not recognize for whatever reason, please look it up in the dictionary. For example, do not call the store to ask what a chakra is, you should be able to research this on your own with no problem. Also, please exercise a little common sense and reason in performing your spell kit, do not call the store to confirm the spell kit instructions, they are as simple as possible. If you need personal time to go over the manual, you must schedule a consultation to do so, please click here to order your spiritual consultation!
  3. When performing any Voodoo spell kit, ritual kit, etc., please be in a private environment, relaxed and focused on your ritual tasks. Do not let roommates, lovers, mates, the telephone, email, pager, etc. get in your way of your time with Spirit. Do not tell everyone on the planet you are doing spell work, do not engage in drama with people you are performing the spell work on, do not call, harass, stalk, get into emotional histrionics or arguments with your mate when performing your spell work, etc. Just do your ritual work and please, please, please, exercise some patience too. Do not email the last day of the ritual with questions about what time will this take affect, or anything along those lines, we have no way of knowing when all of your requests, if all are possible, will come to fruition. Please review the “Do Voodoo Rituals Work Section” above for further explanation.
  4. Your ritual work should take about 15-30 minutes per day, each day for the entire time or days of the ritual. Do not skip a day, do not skip a few weeks, etc. conduct your ritual each day until your spell kit or ritual work is complete. If you are forced to skip a day, then you must do 2 rituals the very next day at different times to make up the ritual time you lost.
  5. The time of day isn’t so important as long as you are performing your ritual approximately the same time each day. Do your very best to allocate this time for the duration of the ritual towards your spell work.
  6. Although the spell kit manuals cover in great detail the offerings for the Lwa, please use your best judgment should certain items not be available when purchasing your offerings. All offerings are available at any grocery store in the US or convenience store, these are not difficult to obtain. Example, if they are out of Coconut Candy, substitute with coconut cookies, coconut pies, etc. Also, leave offerings outside each day if possible, try to bury them under a tree or at a crossroads, if this is not possible, dispose of them respectfully and explain to the spirits the reason you are unable to bury it or leave outside at a crossroads, this way they know it was intended for them regardless of your situation!
  7. If you are unable to purchase alcohol, substitute it with different sodas, the Lwa love Soda and Fizzy drinks too. Same with tobacco, use candies or other treats to show your gratitude.
  8. Your offerings should be well thought out and carefully chosen with your best efforts and sincerity – this is the goal after all, not the specific brand label of the product. What you give, you offer with your heart – your true intentions to sacrifice and thank Spirit are the purpose of the offerings.
  9. Let your candles burn and equal amount of time each day, if need be, make equal distant hash marks in the candles for the amount of days you will need them so you can insure your candles burn the same amount of time each day.
  10. When instructions say “anoint” this means to rub oil on the spell kit candles or pour a few drops of oil or a few pinches of powder each day in your gris-gris bag for the prescribed amount of days.
  11. Please go with spirit or instinct on any other elements you would like to add to your altar or ritual items as you go. If you adding more offerings, placing objects on the altar, bathing before the ritual, etc. is purposeful for you, then do it; this is really between you and spirit.

Perfume, Potions, & Elixirs Questions

All of Erzulie’s Magical Perfumes, Love Potions, Exquisite Elixirs & Body Pastes are already handcrafted and ritualized for you, all you need to do is apply to the body like you would any perfume or body spray. I receive many emails from people not sure of how to use them, and I don’t include instructions with these product lines as they are Spiritual Body Perfumes and Sprays and you merely wear them to affect these changes in your life.

All of Erzulie’s Natural Organic Goat’s Milk Soaps and Spiritual Soaps are already handcrafted and ritualized for you, all you need to do is wash with them, like you would any soap. I receive many emails from people not sure of how to use them, and I don’t include instructions with the natural soap product lines as they are Spiritual Soaps and you merely wash with them to affect these changes in your life.

All of Erzulie’s Spiritual Ritual Bath Kits are already handcrafted and ritualized for you and arrive with detailed instructions. The most common question I have is about the 7 knob candle. Occasionally, these candles do not burn down very fast and can actually take much longer to burn than your bath time. This is okay, but PLEASE – DO NOT stay in the bathtub until you are freezing because the candle has not fully burned down a knob – I am surprised at the number of people who do this every day because the instructions say “let one of the knobs burn down while in the bath tub.” Yes, it says this but I am also assuming you are going to use a bit of common sense too. When you feel your bath ritual time is over, simply step out of the tub and let the candle continue to burn in an area you can observe (NEVER leave a burning candle unattended) until the knob has fully burned down. This ritual is not to chain you inside a freezing tub once the water cools down, it is to draw spirit to you while performing the ritual. Our new Voodoo Bath Ritual Kits now arrive with our famous Goat’s Milk Spiritual Soaps – while the instructions do not explain how to use the soap, we assume you will know how to wash with the soap while in the bathtub. If in doubt, please read the Natural Spiritual Soap Section.

Custom Spells Versus Stock Kits

Custom kits are specifically handcrafted for you depending upon the complexity of your situation, usually they are suggested when you are trying to delve into something with multiple layers of issues and usually involving 2 or more parties within a relationship or situation. Please note, One (1) Custom Spell kit cannot cover a love triangle, a career move, banishing several different obstacles and winning a medical malpractice suit at one time – this is not possible with just one kit. The custom kits work on the your specific case within it’s “like” genre. For example, it can deal with the relationship issues, or the legal issues, or the obstacles, but not all three categories crafted and ritualized in just one 9 day kit.

Custom Spell Kits are a product that is created exclusively for you and the subjects you name based upon the details you MUST remit. I may also require some biological samples (hair or handwriting is fine), sent in plastic bags, photographs, physical description, geographical location, full names, DOB’s and any other details on the subjects you can provide along with your WRITTEN details as to what you want accomplished before I handcraft the appropriate elements, ritual items and instructions for you to perform your Custom 9 Day Voodoo Spell Ritual. Again, this is not something I recommend this except in very difficult situations. You may need Stock Ritual kits along with a Custom Ritual as well to bring about all the changes you are seeking.

Custom rituals and custom spells require a spiritual consultation to review the details and complexity of your situation. Please click here to order your spiritual consultation! Custom work has a much higher success rate than basic/stock ritual work, around 85-90% effective, largely due to the practitioners performing additional work on your behalf, and are mainly reserved for very complicated cases, however, you are subject to the Karmic aspects of your life path as well and therefore a successful outcome or obtaining exactly what you think should happen cannot be 100% guaranteed. Please read more about “Guarantees” and the “Do Voodoo Rituals Work” Section for more detail.

Once again, if we haven’t made this clear enough, here is further elaboration on this concept of Guarantees in any spiritual or magical rituals. First, if ANYONE on the web is guaranteeing the results of their ritual work – THEY ARE LYING! No one is GOD and therefore cannot possibly guarantee the outcome of your situation. There are sites that will refund you money if you are not satisfied with your product, and that is entirely different.

We cannot, nor will not, claim your ritual will have a 100% successful outcome as YOU desire; we have no way of knowing how you followed the instructions, if you changed your mind mid-ritual, if you actually attempted to perform your ritual, if what you are requesting is not possible since we really don’t know your Karmic path nor do we know every single influence affecting your particular situation just to name a few of the many reasons.

This truly applies to everyone actually, there isn’t a practitioner alive who knows any of this information the way God does, therefore, after all ritual work is complete, the final outcome is always left up to Spirit and what they deem is the best resolution and outcome is for you.

We DO guarantee we use only the finest, organic ingredients available by the season, the highest grade precious and pure essential oils anywhere, that our products are based upon the best and most authentic Voudou or Spiritual methods possible. We also guarantee that if a product arrives damaged, we will replace that product upon receipt of you returning the damaged product. If something is missing from your product or kit, we will gladly send you that item immediately and free of charge. We guarantee you will always receive caring customer support for anything you may need and a timely response from us 100% of the time.

Can I Perform My Own Ritual?

Absolutely! You don’t need to be a Voudou practitioner to obtain results with your problem; the Lwa (Loas) are here to help you and are happy to do so. All you need is a sincere effort and best of intentions when working with your own Spell kit. We provide detailed instructions in each of our spell kits and magical rituals to help you obtain successful results when working with Spirit.

Is Voudou, Voodoo, Vodou, Magic – Demonic, Bad, Evil…?

Personally, I have always found “Good, Bad and Evil” are concepts; usually determined by ones own perception. For example, is it bad that someone else got that job you wanted and you didn’t? To you I’m sure it seems “bad”, to the other person, I’m sure it seems “good”. Essentially, these are concepts that only apply depending upon your perspective.

As for Voodoo, Voudou, Vodou, Witchcraft & Ancient Religions, et al, I do want to address first, for people to please stop watching bogus Hollywood movies or TV specials that misrepresent these amazing, Earth-loving & spiritually reciprocal religions. The mass-media images of Voudou among many others are terribly misleading and completely inaccurate. All religions have entities with both benevolent and dark sides to their nature; in Voudou, each deity has different personas.

They are the same spirit in essence but from different Voudou “families” to provide the varying services required. For example, the Rada Family is the most benevolent while the Petro Family is one of the fiercest; our kits use the appropriate Lwa, depending upon your situation, to best serve you, without causing harm to others.

The same concepts hold true for just about every pantheon I know of, all spirits have duality to them depending upon what tasks they have to perform for you. This does not means we do not condone causing harm or seeking revenge on others; we always offer you a better way to resolve your situation. We do understand however, that you ultimately have free will and take no responsibility should you choose a more vengeful method in which to solve your problems.

I have found it’s never the “religion” or “spirits” that are bad or harmful, it is more the “religious” that misrepresent or abuse their power and knowledge on behalf of the Spirit World. I have also found a great deal of ignorance in understanding ancient paths and traditions especially in “modern” cultures, which are so very disconnected from spirituality. It is due to these fears of the unknown, ignorance of ancient paths and belief systems that religions like Voudou are portrayed deplorably and extremely inaccurate.

For example, every day we see the media coming to New Orleans to do a documentary on REAL Voudou, the authentic religion, they promise to portray the religion accurately, etc. After every single practitioner in New Orleans has spent endless amounts of time educating these slick producers for free, then they run their TV Shows or Films on nothing but Skulls, Human Sacrifices, Vampires, etc. which have nothing to do with Voodoo and completely discounting the religion, spirituality and the education they received on this religion – why you ask?

Because nothing sells better than “gore and glam”, and they exploit Voodoo, among many other traditions, to shock and titillate the public to glean viewers. More viewers mean they can sell more toothpaste and shampoo for their advertisers and quite frankly, they could care less about educating the public on any topic for that matter when they can make tons of money off airtime.

Simply stated, if you are basing your perceptions and knowledge on any topic, especially Voodoo or Ancient Religions from TV, Magazines or Films, with the exception of a few very legitimate media outlets (National Geographic for example), do not consider the information valid. Mass media is not a source of legitimate, intelligent information or research on any topic in all honesty.

Miscellaneous Silly Questions (Which Will NOT Be Responded to)

  • No, we cannot help you win the lottery or make you millions overnight – you must help yourself in order to be successful, there are no quick shortcuts to a success; we can however, help you open up doors of opportunities with certain money products.
  • No, we cannot help you walk on water; become invisible, fly on a broomstick, light people on fire by looking at them, summon vampires, make you taller, shorter, skinnier, change your eye, hair or skin color, reverse your age or anything else equally as ridiculous.
  • No, we cannot guarantee you will become a movie star, marry a movie star, become famous, or the president, or anything else you desire that is purely ego driven.
  • No, we cannot insure you will become pregnant, marry someone who doesn’t love you, separate a family because you LUST AFTER a particular married person.
  • No, we cannot turn someone who is gay into someone straight, make you a Don Juan or a Femme Fatale, or anything else as equally unrealistic. Certain products we carry will certainly enhance your attractiveness to certain people and can make you more desirable to certain people, but you must be reasonable in your expectations.

We are here to help with legitimate life problems, please do not disrespect our beliefs by asking me to help you with the ridiculous concepts you see on TV, in the movie theaters, or in comic books about supernatural powers. An invisible world certainly exists parallel to ours of course, but not for impressing people with parlor tricks, only to help people in difficult situations.