How Much For You to Cast a Spell?

This is another touchy area. I firmly believe no one wants more for you than you do – period. Although having a practitioner work in tandem with you or performing Love Spells and Voodoo Spells on your behalf is always a great source of power towards your goal. While we offer powerful  Love Spells, Voodoo Spells and Magic Spells performed for you, we strongly advise that you also do your own work as well. It almost defies logic for those who desperately want to obtain something and yet, they do NOT WANT to put forth any spiritual effort or ritual work. Well, my question to you is, how badly do you want this outcome?

For those who really need the help of a practitioner working on rituals with them, bear in mind that is a much more expensive avenue. You now have to factor their time, expertise, their offerings, their ritual work and divination throughout the entire process so, this quickly adds up in expense. As for the costs, this truly depends on the complexity of your situation. Each case is completely different, everyone have distinctly different influences, obstacles and challenges, some more complicated than others. The Love Spells, Voodoo Spells and Voodoo Rituals performed for you as offered at Erzulie’s are for more normal circumstances and priced accordingly for the services provided as explained.

If your situation is far more complicated, with a longer time period of issues, outside parties, interferences or spiritual attacks, other more intense and lengthier Voodoo rituals are available.  If your personal situation falls into that category, the only accurate way to determine the solutions for your particular case is to schedule a formal spiritual consultation so we can determine the forces at work before recommending the correct spiritual solution.

Nonetheless, for those who are having custom or ritual work performed on their behalf, the practitioner should always remit the fee schedule and explain before the Voodoo Ritual begins everything your ceremony will require, time frames of completions, written or verbal updates of the ritual work if applicable, outcomes of any divinations they may have performed throughout the ceremony if applicable and respond any reasonable inquiries should you need to discuss certain aspects of your case.

I intensely detest hearing from customers that this “Powerful Practitioner” took $5,000 of their money and now they cannot get a hold of them, will not return a call, or email, the person’s website is gone or do not update them on any of the ritual work if applicable. Please READ the Spiritual Scams Section below.  Also, more about our Love Spells, Voodoo Spells and Magic Spells below!