International Costs and Shipping Questions

To ensure quality and for security purposes, we ship via USPS Global Express or Priority International!  Our packaging and shipping labels are discreet and generic looking to insure your privacy!  This is the ONLY way we will ship to protect you and verify we did indeed send your package to the address you provided. USPS provides all of the tracking information and customs forms on the package. Please note, you are responsible for any duties, taxes or customs fees your country may require to receive your package. Please visit to track your package using the tracking number emailed to you, if you placed a web order.  You will not be provided tracking if you sent a money order.


  1. Your order label is electronically processed via USPS with confirmation and tracking emailed to you (if you left a VALID email address), this is done within 1-5 days from receipt of your order. PLEASE NOTE: Often times, we process an airbill upon receipt of order, or before all items are handcrafted to prepare ahead of time for shipping, please review the shipping procedures below!If you left a valid email address with your online order, you will receive an electronic copy of your tracking number. For those who don’t leave a valid email address, do not call the store looking for your tracking number, it is ONLY remitted electronically via email, so we encourage you to log into your email account to see your tracking information. Please paste that number at to see your tracking information.
  2. Then, we handcraft the items and package; this could take 1 day to 7 business days depending upon your order; if it’s a CUSTOM ORDER it will take a minimum of 5-10 business days to prepare. We now ship almost every day from the Newport location, but in the events of holidays or specialty events, our standard policy is to ship every Monday morning for the prior weeks orders up to the prior Saturday!
  3. We deliver to the USPS Office for their receipt scan. Once it is IN THEIR HANDS, it USUALLY takes within 1-3 BUSINESS WEEKS TO DELIVER – NOT INCLUDING WEEKENDS OR HOLIDAYS! This is largely due to the Customs Department in foreign countries; we HAVE NO CONTROL over how long they hold onto a package, please check with your CUSTOMS department to determine their normal time frame of examining international packages. Further, we are not responsible for what your Customs Department does to your package; your items are at the mercy of your country’s Customs laws, procedures and indemnifications. If they break, rifle, damage, or alter your items in any way, they are responsible and you are ordering at your own risk since we do not have any control over your Customs Department. PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for all duties and taxes due on the items once they arrive in your country, if your country indeed imposes tax fees and customs duties on any products you purchase.
  4. However, they also state this is an ESTIMATE ONLY; according to their website, International delivery time can vary depending upon the country and any governmental issues. For more information, please visit to review their shipping disclaimers if you wish.
  5. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL OR CALL THE STORE within 1 week of placing an International order to find out why it is not there yet: THESE ARE HANDCRAFTED ITEMS, we prepare and ship faster than any other company we know of in our industry, normally, our customers receive everything within 2 weeks days from placing an INTERNATIONAL order, this is NOT ALWAYS POSSIBLE HOWEVER since the DELIVERY IS UP TO USPS & YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT. Please log into your email account for your tracking information if you placed your order via the web.
  6. VERY IMPORTANT POLICY: If your package is undeliverable, or you do not respond to the notice of delivery left on your door, or it is sent back to us due to an error in the address you provided on your order, you will receive a partial store credit only for the value of your order less a 25% restocking fee and the shipping and handling fee. We will not incur the cost of the shipping fees or employee/staff time if your package is undeliverable or you did not respond to the delivery notifications, should your package be returned to us. In the event of this occurring, you will have to place a new order which we can apply your store credit to – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Obviously, it costs a great deal more to ship overseas so visiting ~ our Pan-Euro website may be your best option, however, if you choose to place an International Mail Order please pay special attention to the following instructions below:


Make a list of items & the price of each item
Add the International Shipping and Handling Fees (see below)
Have a Money Order for the total amount above, in US DOLLARS, payable to and mail to:

Erzulie’s, Inc.

807 Royal St.
New Orleans, LA 70116 USA
Ph: (504) 525-2055

Please include the address where you want your order shipped
Please ALLOW sufficient time for us TO RECEIVE your mail order, often can take weeks to get to the US.
Phone number to call you in case you forgot any of the above information – NO EXCEPTIONS
If you MAIL ORDER arrives without any of the above information, your order cannot be processed.



$1.00 – $39.00 please add $45.00
$40.00 – $79.00 please add $55.00
$80.00 – $199.00 please add $70.00
$200.00 – $299.00 please add $80.00
$300.00 – $399.00 please add $95.00
$400.00 or More – please email